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The '80% is Psychology' Courses


The '80% is Psychology' courses aim to equip the participants with practical tools for personal thriving and success in one's career. You will increase your self-efficacy, creativity, innovation capacity, critical thinking, motivation, and inspiration. For deeper experiences and bigger impact.

The Psychology and Philosophy of Learning & Developing a Growth Mindset

Understand the psychological and behavioural processes on which lasting learning results from experience.

Inspiring Others Across Cultures and (Self-)Leadership Psychology

Understand leadership from a psychological perspective, and examine the impact of culture on leadership success.

Developing Human Capital, Cultural Agility, and Global Talent Management

Understand the psychology of human capital development, cultural agility, and global talent management strategies.

The '80% is Psychology' Approach


Combining knowledge from psychology, philosophy, art, technology, and business for holistic approaches.


Using cross-cultural competencies and agility to bridge cultural gaps for the benefit of our diverse participants.


Empowering to learn, strategize, and develop with tailored solutions according to lifespan development.

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You can receive certificates for single sessions as well as for whole modules and the overall program!

What recent participants Are Saying

What do past participants think of the mathias sager - School & Advisory courses?


For the world to be "even more" a better place

Kayoko Hirano - Self-Employed at Change - Weight Loss Class

I really enjoyed "thinking" with Mathias. His warm and accepting personality made it easy to ask any questions came to my mind. Conscious living, mindfulness, how the brain works, etc. Topics vary and his class is well structured. Not only you learn from him but participants also share their insights and inspire each other. This is not a boring, one-way lecture style environment. I wish children have an opportunity to learn what he shares. Then the world will be “even more” a better place.


Inspiration for calmness of mind

Marianne Delcour - Intern at J-Global Inc.

The course taught me about mindfulness and inspired me to be more mindful. This is something that I think everyone should learn as it can be applied at work and in your personal life. I really enjoyed the course because it was a weekly reminder to create calmness in your mind which everybody needs nowadays as our lives are so stressful. Another reason why I enjoyed this course were the lively discussions that were held about topics related to psychology and life in general. These discussion would always happen naturally as the teacher would have interesting questions and was able to create an open minded atmosphere in which everybody felt safe to say what they want.


Weekly highlight for creative and thoughtful perspectives

Tish Robinson - Faculty Hitotsubashi University

Mathias, your sessions are so thought-provoking, they really get me thinking in new ways! I love the way you put together the flow of materials. You have such a creative and thoughtful perspective, and you back it up with research and evidence-based best practices. Your openness stimulates spirited discussion. You have created such a wonderful learning community! Your sessions are the highlight of my week. I have recommended them highly to my friends, and I recommend them to anyone who wants to be stimulated to grow and to grow their team.


Roots of cognitive processes presented in a beginner-friendly manner

Saidkhuja Gulomov - Junior Software Developer at SBI BITS Co., Ltd.

How the course inspired, helped, taught me what: The course dealt with the fundamental psychology presented in a beginner-friendly manner, so I was able to see the root of the cognitive processes. Why I enjoyed: I'm interested in personal growth incorporating awareness and emotional intelligence, and thus the course provided the knowledge base. How the atmosphere, the teacher supported that: The atmosphere was pleasant, the presentation was coherent.


Insight for purpose-aligned leadership in the modern age

Melvin Charles DY - R&D Division Member at Crossfinity Inc.

Attending Mathias's session on the psychology of leadership helped crystallize some of the thoughts I had about what makes a good leader in the modern age (aligned with purpose-seeking millennial values). Even if you know some of it already, having it laid out clearly helps a lot with realizing what you value, and maybe more importantly, what you want to be -- and I certainly gained insight with his help.


Ready to open up new horizons

Diane Nguyen - Student (Strasbourg University)

Mathias's seminars deal about topics that academics barely do: social awareness and mental strengthening. As mental sanity is mainly underestimated, I believe this seminar offers a lot of takeaways to fill your potholes.
I really enjoyed when after the lecture, the teacher asks incentive questions and creates constructive and warm discussions where everyone cheerfully participates and shares their stance mindfully.
I remember every time I left the room, I could feel something deep reborn, ready to open up new horizons for occasions that I did not imagine to undertake.


The course has helped strengthen my faith in my own value

Maria Ella Narita - Teacher (and student)

This "psychology" course is so dense, however, comprehensible, that, it really amazed me and taught me ideas that I had never learned before even back in my school days. The course is so filled of information that can greatly assist us in understanding how the world, the world society, per se, is actually moving (whether we assent to it or not). On the other hand, the course gives us its highlights that pertain on how to create a better environment, inside and outside of ourselves, either in a personal or societal sphere, by which we could still be convinced that life, “if spent with the right directions”, that life... becomes really worth living.

I love the way the teacher presented the lectures because it’s evident that why he created the course, that’s because he believes in the humankind and it’s privilege or worth of being taken care of.

The course has helped strengthen my faith in my own value and belief system, and also, it has somehow helped restore my trust in people in general.

Thank you!


Helped me to understand the psychology behind my own work

Norman Grant - Experienced HR Training & Development Executive

I found Mr. Mathias Sager’s course on Psychology very inspiring; especially since it was similar, but from a different approach, to some workshops I do. He had a very interesting approach which actually helped me to understand the psychology behind my own work more clearly. The atmosphere was such that everyone enjoyed the lively exchange of ideas and opinions. At least I came away with new knowledge and new ideas to pursue.


Helped me grow both as a human and a business person

Miwa Namiki - Customer Success Manager

Attending Mathias' sessions, no matter what the theme is, helped me broaden my world, improve my communication skills and grow both as a human and a business person. The sessions were delivered in a friendly way that all participants were welcomed to ask questions and exchange their opinions. A lot of productive discussion taught us the importance of being open-minded, learning different ideas, agreeing to disagree and, perhaps most importantly, being positive.

Coaching opportunities

Mathias Sager

Sometimes people need somebody who truly listens, creates the silence to hear ideas, gives thought-provoking input, offers new alternatives, and helps to unlearn what's holding them back. Often the familiar environment is part of the situation to be unstuck, and an independent perspective is needed to open up. If you'd like to explore a coaching relationship for that purpose, I'd be happy to provide you more information and a quote.

Developing human potential is my passion!

  • - Independent Awareness Intelligence Research (mathias sager - School & Advisory, global)
  • - Diploma in Psychology (University of Liverpool)
  • - Postgraduate in Conflict Management, Leadership and Crisis Communication (University of Applied Sciences Winterthur, Switzerland)
  • - Executive Master in Business Administration (EMBA, iimt Fribourg, Switzerland)
  • - Bachelor in Education Sciences (Switzerland)

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Like Relativity theory is essential to Physics, Awareness Intelligence guides a new understanding of the mental world. Contemporary issues such as health risks, conflicts, and inequality do point to a single most critical cause: Unawareness of lack of awareness. Awareness Intelligence is a specific constellation of ‘awareness about awareness’ and represents the break-through decoding of a socio-temporal structure of the human soul. The tripartite socio-temporal matrix of Awareness Intelligence provides for a mental reference system that empowers for spiritual exploration and practical application of meaning, love, and compassion that is teachable to anybody for increased well-being, organization thriving, and the common good alike.

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