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I do paint to show my soul that I am listening.

I believe the creative process is a key to physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

The combination of Western and Eastern philosophies has enriched my life and work. I’m fascinated by painting impressions from my daily life. According to the Happy Colorful Growth spirit, my paintings do happen (not always obviously) in the areas of (1) Japan – Switzerland, (2) Charging, (3) Female nature, and (4) Life water. I paint, although not within clear boundaries, “City scenes & Landscapes”, “Figures & Creatures”, and “Abstracts & Patterns”.

  1. Japan – Switzerland painting series
  2. Charging painting series
  3. Female nature painting series
  4. Life water painting series

For most work I use professional water mixable oil colour (Winsor & Newton) that are designed to look and work like traditional oil paint, because they can be used without hazardous solvents. I mostly use canvas panel (board) or wood panel.

If you are interested in a painting, please contact me.

Most recent paintings:

United Colors of Humanity (Mathias Sager, oil on wood panel, F8, 455×380


Sing me (Mathias Sager, oil on wood panel, M10, 530×333)


#76 Lake bed (Mathias Sager, oil on wood panel, F10 530 x 455)


#75 Culture shock (Mathias Sager, oil on wood panel, M10 530 x 333)


#74 Tokyo heat (Mathias Sager, oil on wood panel, F6 410 x 318)


#73 Broken Cultures (Mathias Sager, oil on wood panel, F10, 530 x 450)


#72 Sad (Mathias Sager, oil on wood panel, M6 410 x 242)


#71 Lost city (Mathias Sager, oil on wood panel, P10 530 x 410)


#70 Red ladder facade (Mathias Sager, water mixable oil color on wood panel, M12 606 X 410)


#69 Queasy feeling (Mathias Sager, Oil color water mixable on wood panel, M20 727X500)


#68 Autumn (Mathias Sager, Oil color water mixable on wood panel, P12 60.6 x 45.5 cm)


#67 Deep water [life water painting series] (Mathias Sager, oil colour water mixable on wood panel, M12 60.6 cm x 41.0 cm)


#66 Nature fights back (Mathias Sager, Oil colour water mixable on wood panel (F12 60.6 cm x  50.0 cm)


#65 Samurai Make-up (Mathias Sager, oil colours water mixable on wood panel (F10 530 x 455)


#64 Facade (Mathias Sager, Oil colours water mixable, 3 wood panels each 33.3 x 19.0 x 1.2 cm)


#63 RGB III (Mathias Sager, Oil colours water mixable on canvas board, 27.5×22.1×0.4 cm (10.6″x8.7″x0.16″))


#62 Stairways (Mathias Sager, Oil colors water mixable on canvas board, 8F 46.7×38.1×0.4 cm (18.4″x15″x0.16″))


#61 RGB II (Mathias Sager, Oil colors water mixable on wood board, 3 panels each 33.3 x 22.0 x 1.2 cm)


#60 RGB (Mathias Sager, oil colors water mixable on wood board, 3 panels each 22.7 x 15.8 x 1.2 cm)


#59 Family groove (Mathias Sager, water mixable oil colours on canvas board, 33.5×24.3×0.4 cm (13.2″9.6″x0.16″))


#58 Pink (Mathias Sager, water mixable oil colour on canvas board, 33.5×24.3×0.4 cm (13.2″x9.6″x0.16″))


#57 On her lap (Mathias Sager, water mixable oil colour on canvas board, 4F 33.5×24.3×0.4 cm (13.2″x9.6″x0.16″))


#56 Dripstone cave walk (Mathias Sager, water mixable oil colour on canvas board, 8F 46.7×38.1×0.4 cm (18.4″x15″x0.16″))


#55 Summer storm (Mathias Sager, water mixable oil colour on canvas board, 3F 27.5×22.1×0.4 cm (10.6″x8.7″x0.16″))


#54 Osaka (Mathias Sager, water mixable oil colour on canvas board, 8F 46.7×38.1×0.4 cm (18.4″x15″x0.16″))


#53 Decision (Mathias Sager, water mixable oil colour on canvas board, 6F 41.1×31.8×0.4 cm (16.2″x12.5″x0.16″))


#52 Hola Salsa! (Mathias Sager, water mixable oil colour on canvas board, 4F 33.5×24.3×0.4 cm (13.2″x9.6″x0.16″)


#51 Yoyogi Park II (Mathias Sager, water mixable oil colour on canvas board, 53x46x0.4 cm (20.8″x18.1″x0.16″)


#050 Creative force (Mathias Sager, oil colour water mixable on canvas board, 46.7xca.30×0.4 cm)


#049 The crowd (Mathias Sager, oil colour water mixable on canvas board, 46.7×38.1×0.4 cm (18.4″x15″x0.16″))


#048 Land of the Rising Sun (Mathias Sager, water mixable oil colour on canvas board, 53x46x0.4 cm (20.8″x18.1″x0.16″))

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About mathias sager

PSYCHOLOGIST and Independent Researcher I'm born in Zurich and grew up in Switzerland. For many years I lived in Tokyo, and also in Pune/India. I'm passionate about developing human potential, which is an overarching theme throughout all my work that is based on research and supported by intuition and art. Through teaching, counseling, and leading indivuals and teams around the world my goal is to inspire with interdisciplinary, innovative, and cross-cultural approaches to personal and professional development for individual well-being and the common good alike. Happy if you reach me on, connect on social media, or email directly to Developing human potential is my passion! - Independent Awareness Intelligence Research (mathias sager - Psychology, global) - MSc in Psychology (University of Liverpool) - Postgraduate in Conflict Management, Leadership and Crisis Communication (University of Applied Sciences Winterthur, Switzerland) - Executive Master in Business Administration (EMBA, iimt Fribourg, Switzerland) - Bachelor in Education Sciences (Switzerland)
  • Soul Gifts says:

    Fabulous art work. I love your first sentence: I do paint to show my soul that I am listening 🙂 Yes!

  • I love the light that shines through your paintings. What a gift! Thank you for sharing it.

  • Keep listening to your soul – beautiful work!

  • Dina says:

    Beautiful work, Mathias. Now I’d like to say, I go out and about with my camera because I listen to my soul. 🙂
    Wishing you a great start in the new week,

  • Mathias: I love your artwork! I am just now getting to browse through your site, and it is so inspiring and interesting. Thank you for the beautiful work you are doing here.

  • Wonderful paintings. My favorite is “Deep Sea,” although they are all great.

  • kutukamus says:

    Love ‘Deep Water’ and ‘RGB II’ >-I

  • daodeqi says:

    If they don’t have numbers in the photo gallery, does that mean they were sold?
    Is there a place to view the photo gallery with a bigger screen?

    I really like the RGB panels and the human interaction pieces, like the crowd and hola salsa.
    But I find myself wanting to stare at the cave walk and kanji II. There is something special in them.
    I will just have to stare for a few hours and try to figure out why I’m drawn to them. Or not figure it out and just enjoy the staring.

    • Hi, Elaine. Many thanks for asking and feedback. I kept most of the paintings as I want them to stay available for pictures and exhibitions. So, there is no meaning to missing numbering. I won’t reproduce any of the paintings as life and creation are developing. The panels are related to phases in my life and therefore linkable to unique texts and processes too.
      It’s nice to hear that you like some of them. Unfortunately, the gallery seems to be impossible to expand. I hope that scrolling manually through the painting pages is a feasible option too. If you continue to see more in the paintings and even like them (although they are not especially decorative or beautiful mostly;-)), we should check the possibility of spiritual kinship:-). Have a great day and all the best

      • daodeqi says:

        You are definitely wrong about the ‘decorative or beautiful’ qualities of your work. Really though, either of those two things are probably not that important anyways. Your work possesses them, and so much more; including me. A nicely drawn picture doesn’t conjure up powerful, emotional responses. But yours do; as I’m sure you are aware, because your body was clearly possessed by your soul during their creation.

      • I didn’t want to fish for compliments. But thanks anyway, and thanks for your inspiration. Indeed, I share your view. For me, painting is a holistic form of expression; it’s intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual. Actually, the end result doesn’t matter, sometimes the outcome should even be omitted to allow the message transcend without limitations. Is that the higher level painting you are practicing?:-)
        Today I was pulled to paint something that, I cannot help, wants to be meant to be input to our interaction. Will show you when it’s complete and still corresponding.

      • daodeqi says:

        But you are right on the spiritual kinship. Moreover, you are me, and I am you; just as we are all one with every one and every living thing in this world. Maybe a little more so with you than others though. 🙂 I’m very grateful to have found your site amongst the sea of blogs. Your words aren’t just a carbon copy of my thoughts. More like life giving carbon for my future thoughts, as it compels me to think on a different plane and pull thoughts from far reaching spaces.
        Sorry, I just call it how I see it, unfiltered and unreserved. I’m sure there are plenty of negative things about your art, words, philosophy, etc.
        May I continue reading your blog long enough to find the balance. For now, I hope you enjoy pedestals.

      • With your involvement, you are actually co-creating. Thanks a lot. I’m grateful for you continuing providing creative energy respectively fertilizing the blossom to create a common fruit:-)

  • daodeqi says:

    Very excited to see the outcome!

  • Love your work
    See you on the other side of creativity
    As Sheldon Always

  • You have some beautiful work there! Is there any particular brand of water mixable oils that you would recommend? I currently work in slow drying acrylics, which are well suited to my dabbling in portrait painting. I would like to get into water mixable oils at some point.

    I especially like your Dripstone Cave Walk, and Land of the Rising Sun.

    • Thank you, Paul! Nice to hear you like some of the paintings. I am painting with Winsor & Newton water mixable colors. They are professional artist colors. I just saw yesterday in my art supply shop that have now also similar colors by Holbein. Do you not show your paintings on your blog?