I have seen enough. Time to think and act.


I would have difficulties to explain on my deathbed that I  didn’t try my best to (1) base my happiness truly on other values than materialism, (2) consequently foster a co-operative economy and strengthen the Third Sector (civil society), and (3) grow to a spiritually evolved and inter-dependently connected human being.

See it. Think about it. Feel it.

Of course I always tried to be a good human being. And I really thought I was. To 90% when I’m honest. I was always modest (preferring camping over a hotel) and compassionate towards my next. However, somehow I always suspected that I’m still not thinking hard enough. And indeed, I cannot praise myself of having had always the broader humanity in my heart as an absolute priority; too far away. How these missing 10% matter! I have to admit that I failed to open my eyes, activate the brain, and open my heart all at the same time, iteratively. Either I saw something, but didn’t really feel it, resulting in some ignorance strictly said. Or I felt it, but did not transform even strong feelings into a consequent enough personal action plan. Also spiritual situations passed by more as an entertainment without more binding consequences.

I missed to think with full human capacity! Within the elaborated concept of job and relationships I did “perform” well, but actually I failed to connect the dots, to see the bigger picture. The enormous pollution of the environment that is making our planet more and more inhabitable while we are driving and jetting around for pleasure, the daily incredible suffering of millions of people while we complain about luxury problems, etc.; the facts can be found easily everywhere (although not advertised like consumption), in order to refresh what we might already know from education, media, documentary, friends, and travelling.

Purpose that matters.

Beyond the animal drive of securing my family’s survival, there should be more, no? Even more than getting, beyond materialistic needs, intellectual satisfaction or recognition. It is about purpose. The term purpose is in all mouths; seems like the materialistic society notices a gap here. Purpose is therefore seen everywhere, everybody is important, all activities contribute importantly to a higher purpose. That’s not true. I finally come to the conclusion that my job was just for my too high salary, and I got this salary, because I contributed with my work to securing a too high salary of others too. The 20% of the world elite who are getting 80% of the wealth are serving their own purpose, protecting their wealth and status, while today every couple of seconds a child is dying of hunger. What purpose can there be other than to first help those people in real need? If we hold anything about ourselves, it is our own individual responsibility too.
We cannot drink out of our rivers anymore, millions of people need to wear masks because of air pollution, in Northern Japan people are afraid of going outside because of radiation, and we don’t know yet the health consequences from all the plastic that is thrown into the sea and is poisoning the food chain.

Having seen enough, it’s time to change.

There is a study for everything. Whether I belief the worst or best case scenario for how long it still takes until we get even bigger earthly problems, I have already seen enough anyway (and most of us may have too)! It is not enough however, to donate a fraction of a luxury life style’s money while continuing to serving the system that is promising us with some false security and unnecessary rewards in order to let us look away from the immense poverty, inequality, and pollution that it is creating or in minimum allowing.


My biggest achievement in my life to date: The clear intention to more consequently adjust my career into a calling that is supporting more directly a humanitarian and  environmental case. It is not the power of money that transforms the masses to the better, in contrary and the money is kept within small circles anyway, it is the power of continuous spread of compassion, care, and a sustainability mindset that is free and contagious. I would have difficulties to explain on my deathbed that I  didn’t try my best to

  • base my happiness truly on other values than materialism,
  • consequently foster a co-operative economy and strengthen the Third Sector (civil society), and
  • grow to a spiritually evolved and inter-dependently connected human being.

What about you?

When did you find your real purpose? What’s holding you back, or what did let you change? Thanks for your comments.





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PSYCHOLOGIST and Independent Researcher I'm born in Zurich and grew up in Switzerland. For many years I lived in Tokyo, and also in Pune/India. I'm passionate about developing human potential, which is an overarching theme throughout all my work that is based on research and supported by intuition and art. Through teaching, counseling, and leading indivuals and teams around the world my goal is to inspire with interdisciplinary, innovative, and cross-cultural approaches to personal and professional development for individual well-being and the common good alike. Happy if you reach me on www.mathias-sager.com, connect on social media, or email directly to goodthings@mathias-sager.com. Developing human potential is my passion! - Independent Awareness Intelligence Research (mathias sager - Psychology, global) - MSc in Psychology (University of Liverpool) - Postgraduate in Conflict Management, Leadership and Crisis Communication (University of Applied Sciences Winterthur, Switzerland) - Executive Master in Business Administration (EMBA, iimt Fribourg, Switzerland) - Bachelor in Education Sciences (Switzerland)
  • calmkate says:

    Powerful and true words – thank you for expressing it so clearly!
    Thanks for the follow, I look forward to reading more.
    We all need to become the change that we wish to see in our world! Start internally and it will flow out …

    • Thank you very much for your feedback. Much appreciated as it took me some courage to write the post right from the heart.
      Also looking forward to staying connected:-)

  • vinneve says:

    I do believe that my first main purpose is to reach my dream to be able to help my parents. It may not be grand for the whole world to see but it’s good for the heart too 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment. Absolutely. I congratulate you and wish you all the best for your noble goal. I believe that we are always also the whole society, all other parents and children too, belonging together to one humankind’s destiny. If “fighting” for a specific group means separation from another group, I found that I want to be mindful in terms of narrow definitions and unnecessary excess securities that are rather dividing than unifying the bigger whole. Seemingly “small” seeds as your dream, if positive, have the power to transform the whole world, step by step, one life at a time, though. This is my purpose too. Looking forward to hearing from you again:-)

      • vinneve says:

        Well my other dream is to win a lotto! haha! Kidding aside… so I can really help poor people esp. kids, but it’s a nice dream don’t you think so? Cheers! 🙂