Practicing with a Master of Zen Shiatsu


Kimura-sensei, with whom I had the privilege to meet and practice, embodies for me the true Zen spirit for the following reasons: (1) Giving whole-heartedly, (2) letting actions speak rather than words, and (3) coming to the true point without attachment and judgement.

Although Kimura-san is saying there is no need for dependency on him while pointing selflessly to many experts in the field, I miss the practice sessions with him and I wish Kimura-san all the best for the retirement age and I’m looking forward to meeting again. Appreciating Kimura-sensei is important to me, as his very modest, open, and genuine personality for sure shaped, with his dedication to his practice for more than 40 years, a number of lives as it did mine.

Zen Shiatsu at its core is purifying each other, as Kimura-san is repeating; the best way to balance body and spirit. Isn’t it great to strengthen others and empowering them for healing themselves?!

For Shiatsu Master Kimura-sensei’s talk “You already know!” watch here:

As a principle, we can influence our health by ourselves from within. Once I’ve mentioned heightened radiation as an example for an impossible case of self-healing. I got the simple response that not everybody is affected the same way, which is implying that not everybody is using the possibility to use one owns energy the same.

I also believe that in humanity we’re all connected to each other, and Kimura-san maintains sensibly such an oneness with the universe.  Even the more important was it for me to be allowed to give something back in some way. Letting energy flow through oneself and others, for a good collective good heart and therefore contributing to a higher consciousness a big achievement for me.

It was so impressive how Kimura-sensei, in the meanwhile a physically older man, proved to keep a truly young spirit. Seemingly tired, in a glimpse of a second he could react with razor sharp guidance whenever necessary. Sometimes I was a little disappointed by the abrupt nature of some conversations during the Zen Shiatsu sessions. I understand now however, that having said less was actually telling more. Another time when I asked about how he likes baseball or other sports, I got a bit longer response, again without judgement though. Kimura-san isn’t focusing his energy on competition, believing instead that the compassionate and balancing power of everybody actually is what really matters.

I will continue practicing Zen (Shiatsu) in some way, open to guidance of other teachers too. However, whatever natural principle or technique we’ve really understood, we can go on with trusting ourselves and applying it, independently from certificates or other outer references. This is what Kimura-san taught me too. We have met at that point in time because of our both strong actions before. The encouragement to trust in the talent allowing giving my warm heart and hands to others is an invaluable confirmation for what I’ve often already felt before. Also, the ability to accept things as they are and move on anyway is something I am remembered by a man who truly seems to live it by example. Kimura-san’s belief in today’s tendency towards a simpler and more spiritual life with the effect of more collaboration and mutual support is contagious positivity which helped me to open my eyes even more to the present opportunity for all mankind.

Thank you, Kimura-san.