It is easy to be smart, but difficult to be kind


«It is easy to be smart, but difficult to be kind.»

From ancient and contemporary philosophies, religions, common wisdom, and inspirational people we can derive fundamentally universal and tremenduously valuable teachings for all life situations in our modern times.

Unfortunately, in our «societies without monasteries» such valuable wisdom is often not enough omnipresent. Also, spirituality for many is afflicted with negative attributes such as to be too obscure, unworldly, or religious, too psycho-therapeutic, too radical, or too elitarian. In our societies of extremes, personal development and spiritual growth offerings are often either esoteric or limited to technical external knowledge acquisition of methods and concepts rather than including a truly humanistic internal and spiritual view.

Similarly, ethics and sustainability efforts often represent no more than an after-thought in public and private education and operations. Currently religions, philosophes, psychology and politics leave a world of too much ego-centric, discriminating, materialistic, and destructive behaviors.

If “kind” results are not achieved, it is often not because of missing tools (the wrong «how to»), but because of the wrong purpose and motivation (the wrong «why»).

Human beings are most willing to open their mind in a more selfless attitude, if fears of external pressure or desire for reward are overcome by faith and intrinsic motivation. Stimulations such as the whole hearted question whether we really cannot do more for a better world are increasing our consciousness of responsibilities and possibilities.

Therefore the need to touch people at the heart level.

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