Reading makes happy

It’s what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you’ll be when you can’t help it. –  O. Wilde


Reading is a powerful ‘Happy Colorful Growth’ habit. Make the right books your inspiring, empowering, and results manifesting companions; for whatever you desire. Are you intuitively choosing your lecture to educate your heart, enjoy your soul and grow your real purpose and achievement in life?

Follow your intuition

Meeting great authors and their ideas and stories through reading is able to provide you the right confirmations and affirmations, the right stimulating input, and the right provoking questions at the right time. It’s important with whom we surround us as the sources we spend most time with are influence significantly our own personality. Although books aren’t providing the same direct exchange of energy as a real person, they can reliably and joyfully accompany us through day and night.  There is for everything a book, allowing us to choose exactly what we need. When selecting the readings intuitively from the heart I experienced a perfectly sound alignment with my personal development desires. Like being guided by a divine order, one book seemed to handshake with the next in order to consolidate existing impressions and lead me to the next consequential development step.

Educate your heart

Reading is stimulating our imagination, satisfying curiosity. As Mark Twain said, books are for people who wish they were somewhere else. Indeed, reading can introduce us to places where we’ve never been before. We have only one life to live. But in books we can live a thousand lives. ‘A novel worth reading is an education of the heart. It’s a creator of inwardness.’ as Susan Sontag is stating. And in the words of Daniel Pennac ‘Time spent reading, like time spent loving, increases our lifetime’.

Enjoy life

Joy is not a luxury, so don’t delay it. Reading is replenishing energy stores. I’ll never make again the mistake to not read extensively for joy. Reading not only serves knowledge acquisition. It is about being, living in the moment, and opening to what is said and setting off one’s own ego self-talk. It is endlessly fulfilling by always further enabling the exploration of possibilities and the increase of awareness and consciousness in order to better understand and lead a meaningful life.
Reading is enjoyment. Joy is happiness. For me being happy comes from activity (be it an outwards or inwards directed one) rather than from a passive state. There is an important distinction between enjoyment and pleasure, as enjoyment is involving and growing skills compared to pleasure’s focus on more passive consumption.

Unlock your creativity

Humans generally sense pictures faster than the written word which is processed slower. We need to transform a text into inner pictures by ourselves. Basically we can only understand from a book what we already know in some way. However, there is the possibility of creating new combinations and perspectives that link resources together in new ways. For example, writing is reviewing own ideas and ideas gotten from reading. Books do provide novelty to the brain what keeps it healthy, young, and creative.

Solve problems

I love to listen to audio books while walking. It seems like walking and reading fit effectively together and are providing the efficiency of physical and mental exercise at the same time. As some exercises in kinesiology balancing the brain spheres, walking through its cross-movement is electrically stimulating the brain’s central nervous system ideally. A long walk, stimulated by the right audio book, always helps me with a useful answer and new creativity.

Boost your productivity

Reading helps to maintain the productivity flow during breaks. Taking breaks is essential to staying productive, but telling the body and mind to completely rest is stopping the productivity flow that we want to keep going. Therefore, reading during a break is both calming down, maintaining focus, and inspiring the bigger picture by using a different area of the brain.

Improve your relationships

Reading improves relationships and reduces depression symptoms, says a 2015 study from the Reading Agency. The study looked at the effects of reading for pleasure on adults and children. Benefits include increased empathy, better relationships with others, reduced symptoms of depression and risks of dementia and improved well-being throughout life.

Realise your dreams

As an example, it is not by accident that I’ve started again with painting during the course of more intensively reading Zen literature. The unconscious mind is processing read input and influencing behavior.  Decisions get influenced by convictions strengthened by readings. Reading is not just escaping in a virtual world. Any thought is real. Thought realities become tangible realities and therefore are determining our life; hopefully one that is rich of diverse experiences, experimentation, courageous decisions, new possibilities, prosperity and happiness. What we think, we become. Active reading is reading your dreams, dreaming your readings and ultimately living your dreams. Remember that reading is not about worshiping others’ ideas. Reading is the means to surpass existing ideas.

Recommendations and summary

  • Choose your readings intuitively, following your desires for a fulfilling personal development path
  • Read for enjoyment to increase not only your knowledge, but also mental fitness, compassion, empathy, and creativity
  • Read during regular breaks and return fresh to work
  • Listen to audio books during walks and get your answers and inspirations while physically exercising
  • Make reading part of your early morning and late night routines in order to re-program your subconscious mind
  • Take notes from your readings and reflect on them for better understanding and awareness
  • Promote reading as a joyful and healthy habit to your children and friends and read together (aloud) for an even bigger learning effect
  • Be aware that we become what we think and that our reality is impacting other’s reality too. What we read is influencing our thinking and our behavior. Our actions are shaping the world.

Reading is enjoyment and discipline, investment and reward at the same time. Reading helps me to refine and realize the Happy Colorful Growth way, and my personal development is continuously guiding my course of reading, resulting in continued personal growth.

  • Reading offers the potential for gaining new knowledge and a better understanding of life. How we use that knowledge determines whether the goals we pursue and achieve over our lifetime were worth it.