Successful learning = knowledge gathering + application + (desired change + well-being)


It works best for me to gather knowledge in a self-study mode. In order to turn the knowledge into practical and positive learning experiences though, the exchange with study and work colleagues is valuable for me. Therefore I appreciate the exchange of experiences and opinions and the possibility for constructive feedback.

Systematic notes taking, as well as the visualization of key aspects and inter-dependencies have proven to be a good means to make knowledge effectively and efficiently accessible for the continuous practical application in my daily life and work. Ultimately a learning experience was successful for me when I can observe increased understanding and desired changes in my behavior and well-being.

What’s successful learning for you?

  • Successful learning for me is taking experiences from the leaders as well my own life and trying to garner the pros and cons. Accordingly, trying to bifurcate things that are within the limits of what is doable for me and what needs the real change for doing things that are beyond my capabilities. For which Paulo Coelho says, “Don’t be intimidated by other people’s opinions. Only mediocrity is sure of itself, so take risks and do what you really want to do.”

    • I appreciate your multi-dimensional view on external best-practices, own experience, as well as on a proper own needs analysis for where learning is needed to enable desired change. The quote does indicate your support of a life-long learning paradigm. I fully agree with the risk-taking aspect. Sounds like you’re going your way:-). All the best!