Happy Living, Colorful Learning, Growth Creating

The Happy Colorful Growth Way: Live as you were to die tomorrow. Learn as you would never know enough. Create that your contribution lasts forever. 


1. Happy Living: Live as you were to die tomorrow

For our spiritual nature, there is no birth and no death. Our spirit is eternal in the context of the universe. Our physical existence is meant to live to die and just allows us to learn to understand our mind through the bodily senses in the earthly context. Enjoy the ride of life, but don’t forget that we aren’t the roller coaster itself.

2. Colorful Learning: Learn as you would never know enough

The more we learn and know, the more we are aware how much we don’t know and still can learn. Consequently, a constant learner becomes more and more humble and never pretentious. If you stop to ask and develop, you stop nurturing your natural curiosity, which is a primary driver of life. Enjoy being and teaching others to be life-long students of life.

3. Growth Creating: Create that your contribution lasts forever

You’ll be remembered for what makes you unique. Create and share genuinely and freely, so you are placed in peoples’ heart. That’s where they find the memory of yours, not in your bank account. Enjoy making a positive impact in peoples’ life.