Many still believed that we live in an era in which respect, reason, honesty, and virtue are finally valued over ignorance, craving, and bullying competition. However, this wasn’t / isn’t true and that Trump could win the US presidency is confirming the definitive arrival in the age of idiobullycracy, not only in the USA.

This transparency is good, no hypocrisy anymore. Success in our capitalistic societies can be reached d by materialist smartness (versus kindness) and ruthlessness (versus compassion). It is also good that the progress of the idiobullycracies is speeding up as it gives faster rise to the counter-movement that finally, in the form of the next cycle of reasoning and virtue, will win again. It is just to hope that the destruction will not be too bad for too many people, as a societal eye opener doesn’t need to be a humanitarian crisis. Some may argue this is not to prevent though; I hope again that such prophecies won’t be self-fulfilling.

I try to be not frustrated by the just revealed big confirmation of the advanced level of degradation of civil society. Let’s observe and prepare for change for the better and document our noble resistance against the just publicly approved OK for rifling the ones who don’t want to engage in the rule of force and don’t want to exploit every tricking possibility. After a most likely increased devastation of people, resources, and environments in the next years, we will on the other side also see a clearer continuation of a more human and even spiritual revolution. It is not less than about deciding over the possibility of healing and shaping the next step of human evolution, which idiobullycracy currently is deferring and even severely putting at risk at all. In that sense we are at a late ‘mass’ stage of the idiobullycracy life cycle that is already about to decline towards the start of the next age that has the chance to be a more peaceful one, not only in appearance, but also inside our hearts.

I see Trumps election also a bit like a vaccination (Trump as the disease-causing agent) that will first let break out the disease a bit more, but eventually make the society resistant against idobullycracy. There is still a need that the antibodies react. Therefore, it’s more than ever the time for heroes who fight the idiobullycracy for a better world for our children. Let’s work towards a legacy of meaning and joy rather than one of gold and addiction. Thanks for seeing, believing, and acting on it.

  • No me gustan los populistas y más pensando en el futuro de mis hijos, la gente se está volviendo loca, solo necesitábamos rectificar las políticas y los desmanes.
    Lo siento de verdad, los americanos no se han dado cuenta, yo creo que hemos dado un paso atrás.
    Ahora habrán más diferencias sociales.

  • Interesting and comforting perspective of Trump’s election as a vaccination. It will be uncomfortable for a while, at least. I hope that’s how it goes.