I wish you

I wish you

I wish you happiness
Always shining eyes
Live your dream not less
No fear nor limiting ties

I wish you eternal peace
Forever smiling face
Surrender and increase
your inner secure base

I wish you live your life
So positive and tender
Live, and love and thrive
I hope you do remember

I wish you see the sky
Know nothing is too far
And sometimes ask you why
Because you are a star

I wish you have your dreams
Do listen to your soul
It’s closer than it seems
You’re part of a bigger whole

I wish your worries are gone
That always you’ll succeed
Be proud of what you’ve done
I’m here when there is need

mathias-sager-stairways-20161103#62 Stairways (Mathias Sager, Oil colors water mixable on canvas board, 8F 46.7×38.1×0.4 cm (18.4″x15″x0.16″))

About mathias sager

Thinking and writing for happiness, painting colorfully, and enabling personal growth for all. Fostering co-operative and humanitarian principles, economic and social equality, as well as environmental sustainability. Using broad international experience and progressive, egalitarian and global outlook to promote care for the next generation.
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6 Responses to I wish you

  1. Fab Writings says:

    I wish all the same for you, this is beautifully written!!! 😊😊

  2. rommel says:

    This poem breathes support and *un-self-centeredness.

  3. newranaweera says:

    Beautifully written. Please, remove the above comment.

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