Spiritual (r)evolution


I share the view that societies are running towards an abyss of humanity by blindly accelerate exploitation and destruction of human and natural resources and hindering healing processes required to unify humanity for the realization of economic and social equality, economic sustainability, and peace. But how the hell can an author of such a summary directly add in the second part of the sentence the demand for example for a total christianization or islamization of humanity? The reflection started so hopefully open, and then closed so brutally disappointing. Why isn’t it possible to just envision ‘Spirituality’ instead of a specific religion that often does not allow full collaboration with other religions? Isn’t it possible to stay (spiritually) open to developing towards realizing the necessity for humanity’s return to a more conscious, compassionate, fearless, and fulfilled life?

Competition as the underlying principle of modern capitalist and consumerist societies, justified by the evolutionary theory of the survival of the stronger will necessarily destroy the whole planet. Only the one who is recognizing humans real strength realizes that we could do different than just survive another couple of decades as a parasite.
If we overcome fear, we don’t have to bite others! If we practice mindfulness towards all (!) people, we notice how much more an achievement and rewarding, admittedly also tougher, though, it is to be kind (e.g., forgiving) than just to be smart (e.g., to exploit others vulnerabilities).

I see often promising signs of such mindfulness on individual and organizational levels. However, unfortunately often it is just appearance, materialist use of shiny words, branding and marketing fluff. Words are important, but let’s look at actions and behaviors to understand the full consequences. A purposeful and honorable sounding vision statement on a homepage and some purchased meditation courses for the entertainment of employees doesn’t let algorithmic trading create more real value for the benefit of society and humanity.

Humanity does not evolve to the better by socialization on an organizational level to compensate for personal flaws and fears. A true spiritualization is first to mind work on the individual level for noticing connectedness to our universal naturemental strength, and self-control on which bases compassionate, courageous, and honest behavior. It is possible! Welcome, spiritual evolution and revolution at the same time!