Repeating to heal


Thank you very much
Repeating to heal
Being thankful for what you
Even in my hardest moment

Sorry should I have failed
Repeating to heal
Being stricken for what I
Even in my toughest phase

Understand you suffer too
Repeating to heal
Being mindful of what is
Even in my worst situation

I’m giving you my best
Repeating to heal
Being generous for whatever
Even in my weakest times

Please take care of you
Repeating to heal
Being concerned about what will
Even in my scariest dreams

About mathias sager

Thinking and writing for happiness, painting colorfully, and enabling personal growth for all. Fostering co-operative and humanitarian principles, economic and social equality, as well as environmental sustainability. Using broad international experience and progressive, egalitarian and global outlook to promote care for the next generation.
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