Leaders are Learners


Topic presented and discussed at the J-Global HR Forum (Tue. 12/20):

Leadership and Learning are indispensable to each other. CEO’s rate learning as a top priority in their companies. However, the same executives are worried and have doubts about whether their learning leaders can help them close existing skill gaps for the future. What’s wrong then?

More than ever, today’s leaders need to approach learning & development (L&D) in order to spark inspiration and engage employees for better results. The L&D cycle as a strategic process enables new strategies, high performance and employee motivation for increased (international) competitive advantage.

For employees it is important to be realistic about the match of personal and corporate goals and their own responsibility for multifaceted learning. Are the evolving learning environments and people engagement strategies meeting your professional (and personal) needs?


Mathias Sager, 41 years old is originally from Switzerland. He holds an international Executive MBA in Information Management, a Bachelor in Education Sciences and a postgraduate Certificate in Crisis and Leadership Communication.

At J-Global Institute of Collaboration (JIC) he is advising on the Chief Learning Officer (CLO) agenda, and in Leadership and Organizational Development initiatives.

In his previous work in international business services, he led international teams and global projects in Japan. At various occasions in his career, he gained expertise in leadership and communication training in cross-cultural environments. In the role of a counselor and learning responsible he was responsible for the management of learning and development.