Need for foodstuff or mental food?

#69 Queasy feeling (Mathias Sager, Oil color water mixable on wood panel, M20 727X500)

#69 Queasy feeling (Mathias Sager, Oil color water mixable on wood panel, M20 727X500)

Is it because we are suffering unmet basic needs, or is it because we lack self-esteem?

Because I am so hungry

Yes, there is war, but
it is OK to work for an arms manufacturer
Yes, there is global warming, but
it is OK to work for an oil conglomerate
Yes, there is pollution, but
it is OK to work for a chemical fabric
Yes, there is poverty, but
it is OK to work for an investment bank
Yes, there is hunger, but
it is OK to work for an intensive livestock farm
Yes, there is poisoning, but
it is OK to work for a pharmaceutical firm
Yes, there is exploitation, but
it is OK to work for a shareholder corporation

… because I am so hungry

A matter of self-esteem

Arms manufacturers are purposefully peaceful
Oil conglomerates are environmentally friendly
Chemical fabrics are naturally clean
Financial institutions are socially humanistic
Intensive livestock farms are gracefully humane
Pharmaceutical firms are organically healthy
Shareholder corporations are cooperatively responsible

We believe them because we don’t trust our own judgement

A matter of self-esteem

Would be really interesting to know YOUR thoughts. What do you think?


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  • Yes so true and that is what is going in our world right now cause we believe in them a lot. Great post.