Human behavior revolution


#032 From ambition to purpose (Mathias Sager, water mixable oil colour on canvas board, 53x46x0.4 cm (20.8″x18.1″x0.16″))

The jobs that pay enrich the greedy
volunteers sacrifice to help the needy

World’s common resources exploitation
including worldwide transportation

Is what is seen as creating added value
to the controlling elite, for others untrue

This counterintuitive socio-economic system
represents the core of the human problem

Technology invention isn’t the resolution
need to support human behavior revolution

About mathias sager

Thinking and writing for happiness, painting colorfully, and enabling personal growth for all. Fostering co-operative and humanitarian principles, economic and social equality, as well as environmental sustainability. Using broad international experience and progressive, egalitarian and global outlook to promote care for the next generation.
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10 Responses to Human behavior revolution

  1. newranaweera says:

    I like your poem specially, its ‘resolution’.

  2. Garfield Hug says:

    Not only do you share beautifully crafted words conveying your thoughts…your art is also great😃👍👍

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