Language nomad

#012 Playful Kanji (Mathias Sager, water mixable oil colour on canvas board, 46x53x0.4 cm (18.1″20.8″x0.16″))

In Deutscher Muttersprache
Ond uf Schwiizerdütsch
Interrotto le lezioni di italiano
Etudié la langue française
Worked in Business English

Und jetzt?
Ond jetz?
E adesso?
Et maintenant?
And now?

Living as a language nomad …

  • Thank you for the follow. Did you paint those oil painting. I can read the words, the yellow one means blessing, orange – colorful, red – achievement, or success, or finished. Very nicely done. I like what you’re doing. I’m retired, but I’m very optimistic, and that’s what I try to do – inspire the optimism in the midst of harsh reality. I am in the middle of posting a series of Gratitude Moments of my cancer journey. Thank you for visiting a few of my short poem. Are you in Japan? Haiku is Japanese poem form. I look at your tags, those are the things I believe also. Keep in touch.

    • Hi Miriam. Thank you very much for connecting and all your support. I see also some similarities between our blogs; we both do write and create art work. And you’re right, our tags reflect many same interests too. I like your blog’s radiation of optimism and for your challenges I wish you a lot of positive energy. To be grateful means also to forgive (others and one self), what helps to let go, live in the moment, and allow self-healing power. Definitively, let’s stay connected, looking forward to many great posts to come!

      • Thank you, Mathias! It’s good to find other blogger such as you who have the same thinking and believe. At least when we posting something, we know that there will be echoing back. Thank you for your encouragement!