About living in the present


I used to overthink in the past

But I thought about the past in the present
And about the future in the present
So I stopped to think about time
And I forgot about the past in the present
And about the future in the present

I will live thoughtless in the future

But I stumbled over the past in the present
And over the future in the present
So I stopped not to think about time
And I’m selecting from the past in the present
And prioritizing for the future in the present

I am mindful in the present

    • Dear Karen. Many thanks for your feedback! Much appreciated! Of course you may share this (with some indication of the source maybe:-)), as you like. All the best!

  • Well written!
    Overthink, over-analyze…I like to believe this is why we often forget, we need to listen to our instinct/inner child too…

    • Hi Patty. Thank you for your nice feedback. I agree with your point. Especially by unlearning social values we can access our childhood (superior) qualities again …

      • It depends on the society/culture. What I want to say is that different cultural values often are mutually exclusive, which is the reason of conflicts. For example, Christianity may be considered as the correct belief in a certain society. If the same people were born elsewhere, they could arrive at believing in a different, the locally prevalent religion. Another example: It can be difficult for people who have learned traditional family concepts to change their learned gender roles. Children on the other side don’t have fixed conceptions of how society has to work; they have to learn the specific rules first. That’s why that before they have adapted the values as being normal, they ask really good questions, open, tolerant, ingenuine. To arrive again at such seemingly naive but creative questions and ideas, the forgetting / unlearning / questioning of the values and rules we take for “normal” is very beneficial …

      • It doesn’t necessarily mean the rules are wrong, however I do agree with your point about we have to still ask questions, think for ourselves and don’t ‘just follow like sheep’…
        Thanks Mathias for your time to connect with me.

      • Again, thank you very much for your interest, Patty. Some more specific values that should be challenged I’ve listed in the following post //mathias-sager.com/2017/01/10/vision-of-a-world-happy-colorful-growth-whcg-movement/

      • My pleasure. I started to read that, but then one of my dogs started to follow a neighbor cat…will finish reading that post soon!

    • Often it is unnecessary. To not think at all is also a risk. So why not select certain topics or certain periods of times to start with and just let go, without worrying. Finally, we don’t have to do a lot. Think philosophically too. We only have to die. And what did your worries in the past help you? I also tend to overthink, but working on it:-) all the best

  • I love this. A struggle we all have, but an awareness that the struggle is occurring are the first critical steps to begin present in the present and letting the past be what it was, and the future be what it will be, regardless of our thinking about it. 🙂

    • Thank you. Letting go is crucial as you mention, I agree. The past and the future don’t necessarily need to be blinded out completely. What I have found is a particular mapping of what aspects of the past are important/useful and which not. The same applies to me regarding the future, in the sense of having good intentions and visualizing being a good thing, while worrying about things we can’t control is not. Thanks again for your valuable input and all the best:-)