Being great


#025 Kanji II, Happy Colorful Growth (Mathias Sager, water mixable oil colour on canvas board, 53x46x0.4 cm (20.8″x18.1″x0.16″))

How great is it to walk without the ability to run
How great is it to jump if flying isn’t in one’s might
How great is it to find pictures instead of searching words
How great is it to have courage without encouragement
How great is it to start simple when not mastering complexity
How great is it to believe what seems to be impossible

About mathias sager

Thinking and writing for happiness, painting colorfully, and enabling personal growth for all. Fostering co-operative and humanitarian principles, economic and social equality, as well as environmental sustainability. Using broad international experience and progressive, egalitarian and global outlook to promote care for the next generation.
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17 Responses to Being great

  1. Opher says:

    If people did not believe the impossible we would never achieve the heights!

  2. Harlon says:

    So nice to read a completely holistically beautiful post – stunning artwork, with powerful words. You have my respect, Harlon

  3. Absolutely true and completely loved reading your positive penned words. Thanks and so beautiful.

  4. Would it be okay if you checked to see if I got your information correct?

  5. awesome and fantastic! greatness is within, be great within.

  6. Useful, concise and covers an important topic! Thanks.
    Check out my blog 🙂

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