Vision of a World Happy Colorful Growth  (WHCG) Movement


Destructive human behavior and problems on our planet earth come back to the “enslavement traps” of societal control, which are materialist attachment, self-centeredness, distraction from the truth, dependency, mutual exclusive values, and ruthless capitalism. Therefore the WHCG Movement sets out the necessary themes to be addressed locally and globally to realize change for a more peaceful and healthy world. As outlined below, the 3 pillars with the 6 principles can be understood as basic human qualities that prescribe nothing else than the good natural human capacities and motivations to be deliberated. Therefore it is the movement of systematically fostering genuine and universal human values and the removal of unnecessarily separating values. How is that possible? Materialist and ego-driven values are not guaranteeing (and even hindering) people’s happiness, fulfillment, and personal growth: The achievements that make human lives so worthwhile. It is the people’s choice to be free, and to pursue their self-determined journey for not only more wealth fairly shared, but for personal and collective happiness, fulfillment, and growth for this and the generations to come.

Happiness (H), by applying

  • REASON (R) to avoid existential fear, addiction, and spiritual materialism
  • MINDFULNESS (M) to avoid narcissism, anger, and lack of self-esteem

Fulfillment (F), by creating

  • AWARENESS (A) to escape the influences of gossip, entertainment, and mass media
  • SELF-SUFFICIENCY (S) to gain freedom from  work contracts, inter-personal and institutional constraints

Personal Growth (G), by fostering

  • OPENNESS (O) to strengthen female determination, positive effects of noopower and the beneficial use of history and governance
  • COOPERATION (C) to overcome dictation by landlords (physical and virtual world), big data prejudgment, and destructive competitive values

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    • Hi Opher. Great! What about leading a school once more to teach the unlearning and replacement of destructive social values with more sustainable ones?:-) You’ve contributed to the 60s movement already and served as head teacher! There is more than ever a big need for progressive, egalitarian world citizens and people who have the courage to lead and serve as a role model, no matter what age:-)

  • Thinking in these terms broadens the various topics you discuss. It makes it easier and rewarding to experience as well as providing clarity for different needs among different people.

    • Many thanks for your input! Yes, in fact, these points represent the topics I’m discussing. And I hope their logical positioning in the overall ‘happy colorful growth’ framework helps people to orientate and navigate the ‘agenda’.

  • As promised I’ve read this post and my first thoughts going true my head…How wonderful another neighbor at our planet is searching for ways to improve the way we interact with everything and everyone.
    In addition other thoughts went through my mind “is avoiding (the) negativity the answer?”, since we need the Yin AND Yang to keep balanced and I think acknowledging, embracing and facing negativity is important too.
    Is “fairly shared wealth the answer?”, since I believe we humans need stimulation to keep ourselves motivated to improve. Money was developed for a reason, we forgot the original reason why, but money and therefore wealth isn’t a bad ‘thing’ in my opinion.
    ‘Escape the influence of…’ Really? Aren’t you using this yourself via this website? ‘Freedom from work contracts’, when we humans need guidelines, laws, contracts to prevent chaos.
    Maybe I misunderstood your intentions, your vision, your mission ?

    • Hi Patty. Appreciate your coming back and your valuable input! Thank you! I will elaborate in future posts some more detailed explanation of what is outlined above.
      Regarding “avoiding” negative feelings and behavior, I agree with you that maybe the better word would have been “controlling”. E.g., fear cannot be avoided, but I think with mindfulness we can control some hindering emotions in a way to become more rationale when it is important to be so.
      Regarding wealth and stimulation: Of course, humans need to be motivated, the strongest form of it is intrinsic motivation, e.g., feeling excited when we do what we like. Monetary rewards are short-term and unsatisfying above a certain necessary amount to survive. Wealth isn’t just money. The only resource that is limited for everybody is time, which we spend for un-enjoyable work to get money that we’ll never spend (or spend for something that doesn’t make us really happy). There are enough food and distribution possibilities to feed all hungry children on this world. However, we insist in filling our bellies until we feel sick instead of sharing and feel well.
      Money by the way isn’t backed up anymore with real value. If politics respectively the financial industry is deciding, our money won’t be worth anything from one day to the other. Money is created to enrich and to give us something for the lack of the possibility of access to natural resources.
      With escaping the influence of mass media I mean we should not distract ourselves with gossip and mass media news. We don’t need to know every celebrity move; it is pure distraction / entertainment. However, we should use the technology platforms of social media and the Internet in general to inform ourselves about the real issues in this world, from independent sources and individuals too – as we do here when blogging.
      Freedom from work contracts: We can increase our freedom by being self-employed for example! Contracts are only needed if someone wants somebody to do or give something against her/his will. Or do you have friendship contracts with your friends?:-)
      Hope to discuss soon again! All the best, Patty!

      • Thank you Mathias for give me an insight on your thought-process and thus your vision. I am not sure, if I agree with everything…However, always open to learn, definitely will follow your work and upcoming articles. Wish you a great weekend! XxX