• Not sure if I quite agree. Retiring doesn’t necessarily mean “quitting.” Retiring can be a natural progression in life transforming one type of productive meaningful work into another. I retired at 55 years of age in 2014 and continue to experience growth through purposeful living.

    Retiring to avoid negative emotions associated with “drudgery” would more closely fit your quote.

    Something to consider. 🙂

    Have a great weekend.

    • Thank you for your valuable comment.
      I agree that my point is not the whole possible story. There are indeed people retiring in the sense of quitting work at all, and others (like you) are continuing their work, staying creative / productive. Although I think that my statement actually holds true, I have to admit, I am talking about an ideal that is difficult to achieve, i.e., a work that is providing for true fulfillment, the kind of activity one would also pursue in leisure time. In such an ideal situation of “dream job” one would even not change anything about the current job/activity/work. Like a politician who prefers re-election rather than retirement, or an artist who will not stop painting at 65; also certain teachers wouldn’t stop teaching when achieving a certain age, and self-employed people often just continue as long as their health is allowing. Again, I am talking about an ideal, we all need to consider compromises in the economically dictated life
      Have a good rest of the weekend too and good start into the new week!

      • I appreciate your response. This proves people do not have to agree about everything 100% of the time, yet can maintain a healthy discourse. Where would growth from new ideas and new perceptions come from if the blogging world simply agreed about everything? Nice to converse with you and share our individual views on this subject.

      • Thank you, Jonathan. Indeed. That’s what I also meant with “valuable” comment that you shared your personal view; personal and situational context matters and helps to interpret, relativise, and apply a statement/idea … Looking forward to the next “discourse”:-)