Walking: A Wonderful Source of Energy

mathias-sager-walking meditation

My father used to say that if we were supposed to drive or fly we would have wheels or wings. That’s how he argued walking being the most natural way of moving.

That may sound like a little wisdom. However, moderate exercise is scientifically proven to be an excellent recipe to reach longevity in physical and mental youth. Many successful people consciously walk a lot. When did you go for a long walk the last time? Do you remember the refreshing effect of walking outside in the fresh air, meeting nature and the neighborhood? What else do we need for activating our body and inspiring our mind.

We are talking about walking not as a means to get from one place to another, but rather as a form of mindfulness practice that is recognized and endorsed by Buddhist teachers to be an excellent form of meditation even. Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh in his book How To Walk describes the love for and benefit of walking as follows: “With each step, I come home to Earth. With each step, I return to my source. With each step, I take refuge in Mother Earth.” You can say these words while you are walking.

I prefer walking over sitting meditation, and I’ve also made great experiences with listening to audio-books during my long walks like a perfect way to absorb ideas and unlock my creativity. And by the way, it doesn’t matter whether you walk in nature or the city, alone or not, by day or by night.

So, if you feel stuck, why don’t you go for a walk and rediscover that our long walk on this planet is such a joyful one.