Companioned With Books (From ‘What You Can Find on the Other Side of the World’)

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Did you also experience situations in which you didn’t have the right discussion partners and influences you sought to acquire the wisdom, inspiration, and practical know-how that would have helped you on your way forward?

This can happen to all of us. When not understanding or being misunderstood, feeling alone with a particular position, or facing a seeming dilemma or unconquerable obstacle we may choose to talk with family, discuss with friends, and consult colleagues. Just: What if we don’t have these people around us right now and we can’t stop puzzling our head over our problem? Don’t despair, books can be a good alternative (if not a substitute though) for flesh-and-blood friends to provide you with the help you need in many situations.

Nowadays, we can just google and find any piece of information quickly. That’s fine too. However, a good book takes its readers on an emotional journey along and by which the author creates a relationship with us. As readers, we feel understood when our questions get emphasized, and relevant possible answers are given abundantly as promised. What a great companionship that we can access from the shelf whenever we want!

Importantly, we should be cautious about whom we choose to listen to as the people (and in this case books) we spend the most time with have an immense influence on us. We tend to consciously and unconsciously follow their example.

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4 Responses to Companioned With Books (From ‘What You Can Find on the Other Side of the World’)

  1. Akhila says:

    There is some emotional binding with books especially printed ones..

  2. Patty says:

    So true. I particularly like your last paragraph…never forget to keep listening to your own gut-feeling about what is/feels right to you.

  3. Hi Patty. Thanks for your own words and I agree, the own gut or intuition is an (if not THE) important voice to follow. Just not always easy, isn’t it?:-)

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