To be extraordinary or to be just more ordinary


You were born with nothing ordinary about you, being a unique creation of human life. Through socialization though, you got assigned a social number, and you are expected to adhere to the norm. If you do the ordinary very well, you may be titled “extraordinary,” although originality, self-reliance, and personal growth requiring non-conformity would be much better indications of it.

Do you have a vision that is still difficult to proof feasible? Do you believe in the possibility of the seemingly impossible? Do you take your dreams seriously? I mean seriously enough to also act upon them? Then you might have listened to your natural intuition and have followed your very personal and therefore extraordinary calling.

Of course, to make army’s, corporations, and systems working smoothly, soldiers, workforce, and gears are necessary. Every single item is controlled to work reliably. Often, if we are encouraged to be extraordinary, we are rather meant just to be more ordinary. Resources aren’t supposed to think; they just have to function efficiently. Are we sure we need to be part of such systems? If all the earth’s resources and space weren’t acquired and withhold by a small “elite” and were still accessible to all, we would think differently and regard it natural to live a more independent life from current societal constraints. Are we even aware of what the machines we’re contributing to be producing at all? Is it our responsibility to know that after all? I think it is, even under any economic personal circumstances, for our own and everybody else’s benefit. Here comes why.

Not questioning and just following group dynamics are ultimately the causes of conflict, war, and genocide. That hard; yes. Therefore it is necessary to think the risks to the end, which starts with everybody of us. In that sense, do understand the ordinary and seek to be different according to your good gut feeling. If you don’t know exactly what all the ordinary does you are asked to support, then, even more, refrain from it. The creator or user of the system may use it for something you wouldn’t want to have contributed to.

So, being extraordinary means to esteem your originality, to be courageously self-reliant and self-actualizing, yet to be kindly collaborative in spirit together with all the other extraordinary minds of our infinitely rich and fascinating world full of potential from and for everybody.

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    • Thanks, Patty. Yes, that’s why it is invested a lot in keeping people distracted and oblivious enough to not start philosophizing:-). That the number of truly extraordinary people in that sense may appear small, we should not despair though and continue as “it has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world.” – Chaos Theory

      • ” that’s why it is invested a lot in keeping people distracted and oblivious enough to not start philosophizing”…You know, Mathias, I hear this ‘complaint’ a lot and I think: who I am to judge people who like to live in this system, for instance in a country with a dictator? As hard as it may be to understand for free minds like you and I, there are people who prefer this. Probably because they feel safe, don’t want to/like change.
        As long as yours and my freedom to think what ever we want isn’t threatened, let be.
        At the same time help people, who want out of their habitats with systems like that, to get out.
        In our democratic world there are definitely a lot of issue which need to be improved; however it is not only the fault of the people on top; there are a lot of people who choose to close their eyes, because stand up for yourself..well, that could lead to confrontation. That is to scary or to much of a hassle.
        And rambling again…I try not to judge, I really care, but as another wise blogger told me the other day..there is a fine line between those two 😉

    • Thank you very much! I think your comment isn’t just a girl’s one, but coming from a personality still (or again) maintaining her extraordinariness too:-) Take care and all the best!

  • Matthias, your observations are spot-on. History has been loaded with war criminal soldiers who’ve deadpanned the lamest of excuses, “I was just following orders.”

    • Thanks, Tom. Unfortunately, yes. “Most evil in the world is only partly because of an evil person. Most of it is because of the complicity of bystanders.” – Tim Kaine