Poemting and paintry


I’ve found two separate pieces
of the same personal substance
A worded painting you are
When you dance, poemting

I’ve created two representations
Of the same personal message
A painted poem you are
When making love, paintry

About mathias sager

Independent researcher, artist, social entrepreneur, and leadership and strategy advisor I was born in Zurich in 1975 and grew up in Switzerland. Currently, I’m living in Tokyo. I love open-minded people everywhere and the passion to working relentlessly for developing human potential, which is an overarching theme throughout all his work. I have extensive experience in leadership and management, organizational psychology research, and learning & development practice. I have worked as a teacher, a leadership trainer, as well as a senior manager responsible for client relationships, counseling, and virtual teams around the world. Also, I’m a social entrepreneur and serving as a strategy and leadership advisor in different ways. My goal is to inspire with interdisciplinary, innovative, and cross-cultural approaches to personal and professional development for the people’s individual well-being and common good alike. Continuously learning himself and keen to help, I appreciate any questions or feedback you may have at any time. Please connect here on any social media, as well as per direct email goodthings@mathias-sager.com.
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15 Responses to Poemting and paintry

  1. Patty says:

    Beautiful, really like the painting. XxX

  2. exoticnita54 says:

    What artistic drawings..,
    I just the eyes of you artist

  3. ssunshine14 says:

    wow beautiful and I loved the unique concept 🙂
    Superb art

  4. Beautiful 👌 unique 💐👍😊

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