After World War III

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Pursuit of wealth and power > World War III > Peoples’ recovery and counter movements > Ineffectiveness of old distraction strategies > World citizenship > Manifestation of the next human evolutionary step

Pursuit of wealth and power

Trump sees only one way out of his public weakness: to start war. Who would prevent it? The generals and allies whose business is war and who Trump assembled around him nationally and internationally? The ones who could are not stopping Trump because he is good business for them.

World War III

The Trump administration starts firing where there is the possibility to demonstrate military power without unnecessarily risking one’s own skin. Through North Korea China and Japan might be engaged against each other, which inflames World War III.

Peoples’ recovery and counter movements

There will be unspeakable suffering, a halt of the global economy and at least a fragmentation of the worldwide web. In response to the vast devastation, we’ll see a bottom-up awakening and rebuilding of local citizen communities.

Ineffectiveness of old distraction strategies

New types of countries will appear, this time even more overtly owned and run by governments installed by the wealth concentrating corporations and dynasties. They hastily run up the control infrastructure for distracting and addicting the masses again. Thanks to increasing awareness and new thought/spirituality that has emerged already before, and thanks to citizens’ bottom-up organization and a firm grounding in social values (that’s all what we are working on now and here:-)), the financiers have eventually to give up their reign by bread and games despite their material superiority.

World citizenship

World citizens establish cooperative socio-economic systems based on local solidarity and expanding partnership networks. Hunger and inequality other than based on democratically defined and assessed performance criteria will be soon mostly banned for the first time in human history.

Manifestation of the next human evolutionary step

Accelerated human physiological and psychological progress will interact with more holistic investments and approaches to human potential, promoting a more natural, person-centric, and deeper way of life. The recognition of a broader range of human emotions informs novel notions of happiness and well-being, which drives a more inclusive and diverse spread of art that will help sustain the new post-capitalist era.

    • First, thanks for your view. Second, I hope you’re right, but we thought that already during the elections. No, Trump has an unsatisfiable ego and won’t resign. And he won’t be stopped that fast. Look for what he could already take the liberty so far. Nobody with power is seriously intervening because it’s not something new. Trump just demonstrates us the rules of the current system/society brutally overtly and impatiently.

      • I have not such a negative view on this, but I see everywhere a revival of 19th century ideas like PEGIDA in Dresden, etc. pp. Lessons learned from history? Quite often not like Trump.

      • Thanks for your input. Yes, nationalist tendencies are everywhere. Hatred and fear are successful strategies unfortunately. So, Trump knows this lesson very well and is using it to get people behind him. I think it is everyone’s responsibility to decide between love and hatred. Humans are capable of both and I also see increasing mindful movements. So, I’m positive that it can be(come) better. That’s why I’m writing here. Thanks again!

  • How do you figure anything will survive the nuclear devastation and fall out? The planet will be uninhabitable for who knows how long if I understand how toxic nuclear fallout on that scale would be.

    • You’re right; it could be not “only” about people this time, but about the whole planet. Therefore there are also new opportunities to “heroically” save the world by not employing the entire nuclear arsenal; in the style of a merciful gladiator.
      Nobody has the desire to destroy the world. Trump would stop aggression if he felt flattered and worthy/self-confident enough. It will also be possible to checkmate others without eradicating all pawns. And, although more difficult, there are solutions possible to let several egos allow to feel like winners at the same time.
      So, I think we shouldn’t worry in that sense; it might turn out unnecessary:-). It’s worth to work hard towards a better world though in any case!

      • I really wonder about that “desire to destroy the world” – seems that’s the least thing anyone is worried about as we continue to misuse our resources (sigh). I do appreciate your analysis / response though. It’s given me a different take on a long held fear :-). Thank you.

      • I didn’t want to scare. So, I’m thankful for your comments and the discussion. Prevalent values today are materialistic ones. But this is not an innate human feature. Young children help others even when it comes with a cost to them. We are not chimpanzees who need a reward/incentive for pro-social behavior. However, we get educated to function as marketers and consumers, because the currently chosen economic system requires profit maximization above anything else. We are taught to compete, rather than to cooperate. Although challenging, it’s changeable though; there are equitable/sustainable alternatives (e.g., cooperative organization instead of corporations).

  • yeah…. let the wars begin… it’s about time… time for a new world order… less pollution… lesser population,…. lesser competition… It’s good for the planet….Trumph is just an agent for change…

    • There is already war, just not yet involving the military. And maybe military aggressions can be answered with other means. The unspeakable suffering that I mentioned is already happening. The rich societies deny a majority of the world population the resources to live a good life. There are sufficient resources for all though. We don’t need to reduce the population; we need to tame greed. Just as a reminder: the 65 richest people in the world control as much personal wealth as 3.5 billion poorer people represent. There is the problem.

      • Thank you, and sorry for the long reply:-).
        Unforced change takes time. In any case, though, the current emphasis on materialist values could be shifted towards other values simply through education for cooperation. Once basic material needs are met, a sense of belonging (in a universal way), personal freedom, and growth are even more essential for human well-being. Education and cooperative business models (co-ops) offer viable solutions. For example, the value of Facebook is mainly coming from the users. They could buy it as it wouldn’t be that expensive for each member. We should be able to decide how our health data is used. And at our workplace, instead of always the same shareholders (remember the 65 richest people worth 3.5. billion people:-)), we should have a democratic voice as we are used to from our political democracies.
        People need to recognize responsibility, see the possibility and assume ownership of everything they do. It’s a matter of education. It’s logic that the rich don’t want us to realize that. That’s why we get so much “free” but distractive and even addictive entertainment and promises to keep us passive.

  • You are echoing a very famous person often referred to as the “man who changed the world”. His books and speeches are enlightening to read and/or watch. Mikhail Gorbachev put forward two important ideals – glasnost (openness) and – perestroika (restructuring). He also proposed to President Reagan his position that all nuclear weapons should be destroyed. It would be arrogant of me to explain his excellent work for all of humanity.

    This quote gives insight to his new world thinking. “I believe democracy is not anarchy and chaos, not dithering and lack of principle, but everyone from President to citizen has to obey the law” Mikhail Gorbachev 1994. He was the first and last President of the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or USSR. Since then he dedicated his life to riding the world of nuclear weapons and its toxic waste.

    Note: Lately I noticed many writers using a misleading label of the RSFSR. Calling it the Russian Soviet Federation of Soviet Republics directs the reader from the facts by using twisted words.

    Thought provoking article short and to the point Mathias. Happy to share it.

    • Thank you for your valuable elaboration, Dennis. Good example of personalities who make a difference. Indeed, we need positive forces from presidents to every single citizen. Thank you so much for your support, much appreciated!