Richer and richer

Ha ha, Gupta style (listen to the audio). A poem from my Indian friend Gupta san who still thinks he can better the world. Goooo, Gupta san!

Who has the money?
The rich who get richer and richer.
Who is financing new businesses?
The rich who get richer and richer.
What kind of businesses do they finance?
Profitable businesses that make the rich and richer.
That means businesses where the rich get more out of it than they put in?
But who then puts in more than they get out of it,
so that the rich can get more out of it than they put in?
The planet and the poor.
That’s how the environment and society do pay the rich
who get richer and richer.

About mathias sager

Thinking and writing for happiness, painting colorfully, and enabling personal growth for all. Fostering co-operative and humanitarian principles, economic and social equality, as well as environmental sustainability. Using broad international experience and progressive, egalitarian and global outlook to promote care for the next generation.

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8 Responses to Richer and richer

  1. Lots of truth here. We sure have woken up to this fact and don’t like playing the game anymore.

    • mathias sager says:

      Hello! It is always motivating to hear from you. I hope you’re fine! Considering how simple the logic is, it is surprising how much/long one can be kept in the dark. But once woken up, is it even possible to fall back? For sure it is continuous work to have the strength/courage to stay on purpose, but it is such a great satisfaction to understand and positively change the game.

      • Thank you Mathias for your positive words. Yes, isn’t it the truth how long we can be kept there. Then when we awake we become more conscious of the need to do exactly what you note, “have the strength/courage to stay on purpose…” You are a game changer Mathias and please stay in the game. Many need to hear your thoughts.

      • mathias sager says:

        This is a comment of the nature that helps keep going in case of seemingly difficult challenges! Thanks, Tom and Audrey!

      • You are welcome and thank you!

  2. poeturja says:

    We just have to believe we can “take a sad song and make it better…”

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