Richer and richer

Ha ha, Gupta style (listen to the audio). A poem from my Indian friend Gupta san who still thinks he can better the world. Goooo, Gupta san!

Who has the money?
The rich who get richer and richer.
Who is financing new businesses?
The rich who get richer and richer.
What kind of businesses do they finance?
Profitable businesses that make the rich and richer.
That means businesses where the rich get more out of it than they put in?
But who then puts in more than they get out of it,
so that the rich can get more out of it than they put in?
The planet and the poor.
That’s how the environment and society do pay the rich
who get richer and richer.

    • Hello! It is always motivating to hear from you. I hope you’re fine! Considering how simple the logic is, it is surprising how much/long one can be kept in the dark. But once woken up, is it even possible to fall back? For sure it is continuous work to have the strength/courage to stay on purpose, but it is such a great satisfaction to understand and positively change the game.

  • “…but people have the power to redeem the work of the fool”. Thank you for speaking the truth, I hope we get to see the end of this economic system that is obviously failing most of us.

  • Besides it isn’t that “black-white” as I call it, I also get frustrated more and more of people who ‘point fingers’. Very easy to ‘blame’… It won’t bring the change we need.

    • I understand what you mean. Thanks a lot for your challenge; very helpful.
      “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.” – Albert Einstein
      I am convinced of non-violent resistance of the like of Gandhi. You are right, satirical approaches (as my post) can be hurting other people unnecessarily and can be contra-productive, I agree. However, closing the eyes in the face of extreme imbalance between richness and poverty that is systematically produced/accepted by societies/politics is also not satisfying at all. In the sense that both the privilege protecting rich people and the resource-/helpless poor people have learned their behavior from their environment, from the education they could afford, I am not pointing to individuals but rather to group processes that make it hard for good-hearted people to see dilemmas and vicious circles that they didn’t get to see. Therefore it is the duty of the one’s who know about such bigger correlations to inform and to share opinions. I am not talking about different lifestyles etc., everybody his own way. But poverty is just not acceptable in a world that could provide for all. And most of the poor would take our positions as successful as we do and we would struggle in their environment as well. Poor communities are not by natural disposition / genetically in their position, it is because of the societies influenced by global politics/economy. If people owned their destiny (e.g., democracy in the workplace), the system would change. Capitalism too is not a natural law. I believe in collective consciousness and the possibility to change a generation’s mindset. If education focused on human creation instead of consumption, and cooperation instead of competition, many things would change as a consequence of a value shift. But only if we deliberate us from some distractions, excuses, and addictions that keep us “silent.” And who can best initiate it? Everybody; everybody who has the resources and can stand up for it.

      • Once again, thank you for elaboration and making me understand what your intentions/ideas are. Still not completely convinced though, but that’s because I still need to explore this matter for myself. All the best! XxX