36 Days of Happy Colorful Growth

However it looks like, it feels the process. 36 days of compound effect. Daily happy, colorful growth reflection. Can’t wait to add the next growth ring.


Mathias Sager “36 Days of Happy Colorful Growth”, Oil on Canvas, P12 606 x 455 cm

  • Hallo Mathias,

    Thanks a lot for the inspiration 🙂

    Your painting talks to me in a special way, it seems like there was a 3D effect – ohh yes and not a digital one 😉 When I watch it, I am attracted to the Center and at the time I feel an invitation to “expand” or like a radiatig movement, especially to the left side.

    Whishing you a great week


    • Hi Maud. Thank you very much for your feedback. Nice! This reflects at the same time the creation process. All the best to you as well! Thx, Mathias