Save Net Neutrality

Your internet connection might slow down after December 14th.

On that day, the FCC will vote on Ajit Pai’s proposal to reverse Title II in the Communication Act.  Title II ensures that the government monitors all ISPs, so they cannot throttle your connection or charge you more money. If Ajit Pai’s plan passes, then internet providers will be able to block or slow down whatever websites they choose.

This could potentially cause a lot of websites to lose traffic and revenue, and it changes the freedom of the internet.

Since only five people on the FCC can vote (and there’s a good chance that the three Republicans will vote for Pai’s plan), it’s up to the public to stop it.

Internet neutrality infographic.png

  • I wish more people understood how important this issue is. Other than the imminent threat of nuclear war and the disastrous effects of climate change (especially since the U.S. has a predatory sociopath in the White House), this is the most important issue we face today. It affects every other issue. Censorship is a crime against humanity and a crime against nature. It must be fought by everyone every day or we fail.

    Thank you.

    • Right. Thank you for your mindful comments as always.
      Unfortunately, if capitalism in that form continues to dominate, it is a logical consequence that the Internet is used as a tool to reinforce further capitalism. So, I fear it won’t stay as free and neutral as it was from a grass-roots perspective anyway.
      But still, don’t let telecoms and ISPs do whatever they want is very important now, while in the long-term, the ownership structure of related infrastructures and organizations needs to be changed towards citizen-ownership.

      • Definitely. It will be an uphill battle as corporations control the economy and in a Capitalim-infected society those who control the economy control most of the government. We need to support the few good people in government who care about others and work to eliminate the corporate-owned politicians from OUR governments.

        Too many people forget that it is OUR government and that politicians work for US. Obviously, awakening to facts such as this will help usher in a true awakening of the human race in which compassion will become a significant part of our social systems.

        Thanks for all of your help in this endeavor. ?