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2018 DEVELOPING LEADERSHIP SKILLS. Leadership Personality, Motivation, and Creativity

DEVELOPING LEADERSHIP SKILLS. Leadership Personality, Motivation, and Creativity

Chapter 1: Welcome and Introduction


Hello and welcome to the book “Developing Leadership Skills: Leadership Personality, Motivation, and Creativity.”

This compact, straightforward, and comprehensive book leads you through the personal, organizational, and environmental aspects of developing leadership skills. Besides courage and hard work, you can look at this book as (a) a thoughtful collection of research highlights, (b) a study and course design aid, and finally, (c) a possible passport to your success.

When choosing the topics and research findings covered in this program, the goal was to benefit you personally and remember how to help you make a difference in the teams you are working with. You will find plenty of opportunities to:

  1. learning about the latest theoretical concepts with numerous references for further reading,
  2. deepening the information with real-life cases and illustrative examples, and
  3. Applying your knowledge and training your skills with practical exercises.

Introduction to Leadership Personality, motivation, and Creativity

Whether you are an HR practitioner, a leader, an executive coach, or a student, this book will help you become more effective and efficient personally and professionally. You will learn to know yourself better, understand your possible roles in team situations, manage conflicts, successfully negotiate, manage stress and valuable time, stay motivated, make better decisions, and unlock your creativity.

Within the firework of bullet points and summary lists, you will find the relevant questions and answers to help you develop personal growth and a thriving career:

  • What is your personal leadership style?      
  • How can you overcome cognitive bias and become more self-efficient?
  • What does it take to be an authentic leader who can enhance team members’ intrinsic motivation?
  • What’s the key to creating new value and innovative change?
  • How can you psychologically empower yourself and others and increase opportunities and performance not only at the individual level but also at the organizational level?

I hope I can inspire you with an interdisciplinary, innovative, and cross-cultural approach to personal and professional development for your well-being and the common good.

Continuously learning myself and am keen to help. I appreciate any questions or feedback you may have at any time. Please visit my blog, or email me directly at Many thanks, and see you soon again.

Mathias Sager, Tokyo in June, 2018