• Thanks, Lloyd. I understand what you mean.

      Indeed, it shouldn’t be seen black and white. Proposing more democracy shouldn’t mean to reset all human rights, child protection, etc. and let small groups decide on everything from scratch. There is still a society..

      Regarding my suggestion of workplace democracy: of course, the “sheeps” can, of course, choose whether they want to work with “wolves” or not.

      Democracy isn’t solving all problems automatically, but that’s why we should use our ability to debate, assume leadership, and innovate in how to cooperate.

      Giving up on democracy because of complexities would be like defending slavery under the pretext of protecting slaves from other “wolves?”

  • These things are what my ancestors debated vigorously at the founding of the United States.
    I figured that someone else would have the question so it’s best to address the issue and get it out into the open ?

  • This made me think of various quotes about democracy. But one of my favorites, I think was by Obama, that it can’t be imposed on a nation from the outside…each society has it’s own path and no path is perfect.
    And I think that fits to not only to ‘democracy’.