Platform Cooperativism Japan (PCJ): The Future is Now

See also the embedded clip. As we concluded … Let’s cooperate! 🙂

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  • Based on current human behavior, Slide #6 in the PPP seems like wishful thinking unless my definition of ‘realistic’ is different from yours. It certainly would be preferable to see humanity focus on ensuring the 3 principles (presented in this slide) are practiced within every society, it seems there are few models (outside Northern Europe) to study. Good luck with your valuable work!

    • mathias sager says:

      Thank you very much, Henry, for putting that into this perspective. I agree, only scattered and partial success stories can be found. It is why I emphasized the need for imagination. As we can IMAGINE workplace democracy, humanized businesses, and more equitable communities/societies, they are POSSIBLE. If these are the concepts that enough people, imagine enough hard and long, it is what will be created. Continuing to place the ideas in more imaginary worlds so they become reality:-). Thanks for your support!