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Independent researcher, artist, social entrepreneur, and leadership and strategy advisor I was born in Zurich in 1975 and grew up in Switzerland. The last six years I lived in Tokyo, and currently, I’m staying in Pune/India. I love open-minded people everywhere and the passion to working relentlessly for developing human potential, which is an overarching theme throughout all his work. I have extensive experience in leadership and management, organizational psychology research, and learning & development practice. I have worked as a teacher, a leadership trainer, as well as a senior manager responsible for client relationships, counseling, and virtual teams around the world. Also, I’m a social entrepreneur and serving as a strategy and leadership advisor in different ways. My goal is to inspire with interdisciplinary, innovative, and cross-cultural approaches to personal and professional development for the people’s individual well-being and common good alike. Continuously learning himself and keen to help, I appreciate any questions or feedback you may have at any time. Please connect here on any social media, as well as per direct email goodthings@mathias-sager.com.
  • This one is very interesting. May I ask about the inspiration for the piece

    • mathias sager says:

      Interesting that you ask and thanks a lot for that!
      I had a particularly clear image of this piece in mind, which however got realized with a bit too much gold/bronze. The painting has to do with a home I don’t have arrived at, a place which will be essential for the promotion of justice and peace. Also, my daughter will play a role there as well. Let’s see when and how these visions become apparent to me in other forms than on canvas too:-).
      Would be good to take a photo then and compare it to the pre-taken picture. Maybe you’ll be able to shoot it, or you already captured something similar?
      All the best!

  • It sounds to me like you have faith in the vision.
    I have some visions of photos I want to make that will require a studio and special lighting as well as some special skills. The end result should be a 3D light sculpture. I’ll need to try some table top scale models first to prefect the technique. Then I’ll need some human models for the full scale production. The inspiration for the vision is a paper lantern.

    • mathias sager says:

      Building on the turquoise/golden painting and following your description, I can see something like a walkable oriental light floating as an oasis above a desert …
      I hope you will realize your vision and keep us updated:-)

    • Hi Lloyd,
      Thank you for showing great interest in Mathias’ painting. I look forward to seeing your #D sculpture.

      Hi Mathias,
      What a painting you have created there! I would love to know more about you as a painter, if you are up for an interview. You are welcome to see an example of the results of an interview with an artist as documented in my post published at https://soundeagle.wordpress.com/2013/01/06/soundeagle-in-john-clinocks-art-rat-cafe/

      • mathias sager says:

        Hi SoundEagle:-). Happy to hear from you, and thank you so much for your interest. I’d love to have a conversation, yes. Let’s contact per email (goodthings@mathias-sager.com). Thx

  • I will. It’s one of those “one day I wll…” projects. ?

  • There’s a peace to this. I like the colors too.

  • sue clancy says:

    I like the way you combined the shapes and textures!