• Interesting that you ask and thanks a lot for that!
      I had a particularly clear image of this piece in mind, which however got realized with a bit too much gold/bronze. The painting has to do with a home I don’t have arrived at, a place which will be essential for the promotion of justice and peace. Also, my daughter will play a role there as well. Let’s see when and how these visions become apparent to me in other forms than on canvas too:-).
      Would be good to take a photo then and compare it to the pre-taken picture. Maybe you’ll be able to shoot it, or you already captured something similar?
      All the best!

  • It sounds to me like you have faith in the vision.
    I have some visions of photos I want to make that will require a studio and special lighting as well as some special skills. The end result should be a 3D light sculpture. I’ll need to try some table top scale models first to prefect the technique. Then I’ll need some human models for the full scale production. The inspiration for the vision is a paper lantern.