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2019 AWARENESS INTELLIGENCE. Holy, Wholly, and Wholesomely Human

AWARENESS INTELLIGENCE. Holy, Wholly, and Wholesomely Human

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Based on the science of Awareness Intelligence
The Novel Self-Reflection Tool


Chapter 1 – Life’s Introduction to Awareness Intelligence

We all can become aware of life’s compelling arguments, and the structure of persuasion is decipherable through human Awareness Intelligence. Let’s welcome life to introduce itself to us.

AWARENESS INTELLIGENCE. Holy, Wholly, and Wholesomely Human

“Hello, here’s life speaking. Some call me also consciousness or life intelligence. I’m the all-animating energy source that has inbreathed life into more than a hundred billion people until today, let alone the trillions of other forms I’ve brought to life and the even more births to come. All my creatures value me, life, as the highest good of all, which speaks for the utmost importance of continuing to become aware of me in all its aspects and manifestations, but especially as the infinite and eternal energy I am. There were some misunderstandings, complaints, and returns in the past, but the possibilities of life’s joys haven’t even been fully realized. The latest focus on improving the user experience is ‘Awareness Intelligence.’ I know that humans have been waiting for it. It’s a feature of human existence that is now pre-installed in all current models. So, please remove possible defective externally downloaded software and instead allow the activation of life’s update of the original operating system, so to speak, in modern terms. I’m thrilled to present herewith the manual on how to switch on and use this fantastic capability to not only dream about a utopia but to create a realistic awaria, a possible world of holy, whole, and wholesome awareness to meet the needs of the next generations of liberated human souls.” – Your life.

Chapter 2 – The Awarenessland of Awaria

As a virtue, Awareness Intelligence is a reward in itself. No awareness-intelligent person would ever envision to exchange again meaning, love, compassion, related safety, satisfaction, and purposeful service for the pursuit of unnecessary material accumulations, the fear of losing these, and therefore miss opportunities to be authentically who they really want to be. It would be impossible for them to merely have momentary awareness-intelligent glimpses and enjoy them only during spare time, vacations, or after retirement. Instead, a new understanding of being one with life would always prevail. Joy is to experience more life, and increased awareness serves this purpose. Such a quantum leap in human evolution can happen when radically different, unfragmented thought systematics unlock the power of the creative energies of life during a whole human lifespan. Instead of closed and linear dualistic conceptualizations, it will be understood that the world works rather in open and cyclical threefold structures. Human awareness will shift from conflict-triggered, reactive, and fragile ‘either-or’ decisions that are, at best, balancing acts of competitive situations to a willful harmonization into sustainable healings and boundaryless cooperation.

Life is proving to us constantly that peace is possible to the extent human awareness is embracing it. Consequently, if the world is scoped in for ambitions of peace, a peaceful world becomes attainable. An awaria can come through the dissolution of the illusion of separation and separating personal and societal identities that are not bounded together by life across time. It will be a future world in which all human beings are aware of their shared awareness of life. Thanks to intelligent awareness, life’s relational and temporal modes will be better understood, accepted as an essential truth, and consequently acted upon for individual well-being, collective thriving, and the common good. Awarian life is possible thanks to the systematic and continuous practice of Awareness Intelligence, the chief liberating and humanitarian enabler of a new age.

Chapter 3 – Your life that is humantime

To be awareness-intelligent is to be aware of one’s awareness. Awareness Intelligence is critical thinking about the nature, scope, and quality of awareness as the central ability for leading a fully human life. Everyone can learn the joy that comes from it. When brought into a socio-temporal matrix, the relevant dimensions of intra-, inter-, and extra-personal human relations, as well as the temporal modes of the past, present, and future, represent the fabric of human knowing to generate awareness-intelligent self-generated thought. Expanding awareness is expanding life, and the intelligence of our soul. The essence and benefits of Awareness Intelligence lie in the rational apprehension of how unconditional love, timeless kindness, and purposeful service can be coherently used for the benefit of any individual and the collective alike.

The development of Awareness Intelligence enables the becoming of a more supportive and supported creative power of universal consciousness. Socio-temporal awareness is multi-layered, from which wholesome thought and action ensue. Having witnessed times of building war forces in spacetime, the time for exploring love in humantime has come. It’s not our circumstances that determine our lives; it’s our circumthoughts. Awareness is not everything, but without awareness, there is nothing. You are welcome to join the mental travel adventure to your and everyone’s deeper experience and more significant impact for all.

When consciousness becomes aware, when awakening becomes intelligent, and when balance becomes harmonious, humantime has begun. Think yourself aware.