• I’m OK. Bouncing around the NYC area until I complete my visa application and move to Bolivia.

        I like this painting. 🙂 I hope you’re doing well.

        Oh, just an interesting negative thing to relay to you: I had a strange problem viewing your site for a while. Every time I tried to check out one of your posts for a few weeks, a couple months, I’m not sure, I was notified that it wasn’t your site and that someone was pretending to be you. Very strange. It’s never happened to me with another site, at least not with that specific notification. Just thought you might want to know.


      • Hi!
        Wow, that sounds like a big plan:-). I wish you all success in your endeavor/journey! And I’m curiously awaiting to stay updated:-)
        Thank you for the feedback, very kind of you. Indeed, there was an issue with the website, which should be fixed now.
        Have a wonderful day!