Developing (Cultural) Empathy

Empathic concernEmpathic concern goes beyond simply understanding others and sharing their feelings; it actually moves us to take action, to help however we can (

Positive Empathy (and the avoidance of antipathy) can be taught! •The main roadblock to be removed is the distraction from paying attention. Motivate yourself to be more empathetic by knowing how important empathy is to personal (private and career) and collective well-being!

Emotional hypersensitivity •Emotional hypersensitivity does even sense covered negative emotions (Rozell, E., & Scroggins, W., 2010); Overdoses of negative feelings and pain of others may be a burden for anybody exposed to it (Young, E., 2016)

Misuse of empathyEmpathy can be for the good or the bad, e.g., not only for help, but for manipulation, bullying, and exert cruelty where it harms others most (Fairbairn, 2017)

Emotional contagion •Empathy for the physical and psychological suffering of others, can spread across a team. This is a relevant phenomenon for work places to address as it can cause depression and sickness. Some organizations, therefore, introduce stress-free zones (Young, E., 2016).

Social amplification of risk •Media plays a crucial role in reminding people of threats, coalition challenges, and feelings of uncertainty, which results in increases of the proclivity for prejudices against out-group members.

Empathic imagination •Imaginative empathy is one of the great gifts that humans have and it means that we can live more than one life. We can picture what it would be like from another perspective. – Dan Chaon


  • At times when reading callous feeds in social media I have wondered, where is the empathy? Can it be taught? It is not difficult to ask ourselves, how would I feel if that were me? However, when people are lacking human to human interaction and hiding behind screens can empathy be taught?

    • Good questions, thank you! I think empathy and compassion come from within. If we know the human side of ourselves, we know what is important of others too. On that basis, we can cherish humanness. The problem is that we get too much distraction (advertisements, opinions, and other transactions) from listening to our soul, the soul that is part of the universal soul.
      As an experiment, can you feel the energy I’m sending you? The real way we all are interconnected is not via the Internet (although it helps to communicate with our five senses) but through our consciousness:-). All the best!

  • … I am seeing imaginative emphaty is taking over the scene in the current new era of Light on earth. … the awakeners–we are here to assist the prevailing of the new notion and recallibration of humanity’s psych …in love TJ

    • Dear TJ. You are so right. Indeed, imagination is the focused energy that sets the future. The more empathic, the better for all. Thank you!