What would you understand by the term ‘Awareness Intelligence?’

It’s a new concept and term; So, what would you understand by the name ‘Awareness Intelligence?’

I will post a series of quotes from the manuscript ‘Awareness Intelligence: Holy, Wholly, and Wholesomely Human’ over the next time. I hope you enjoy it.

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  • Having the intelligence to be aware of yourself and everything else that is present in the world?

    • mathias sager says:

      Thank you for your feedback. Absolutely.
      And, in follow-up posts, I will explain how it is possible to frame the “everything else in the world,” as this could seem quite overwhelming to some. In any case, our all mental abilities are amazing, and everyone can increase her/his mental world:-).
      Thank, hopefully till soon again, and all the best

  • How aware of things going on around you? How aware or perceptive of people’s attitudes?

    • mathias sager says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
      I agree these are all part of the concept.
      I find it interesting also how it is possible to expand one’s awareness to others that are even not around us. For example, you are not around me, and I don’t know your attitude, but assuming you are human (:-)), I know from experience with me and others that you have the same soul-inspired consciousness and capacity to love in you. Being aware of that lets us connect regardless of cultural, political, and any other differences. In that sense, thanks again and all the best!