mathias sager Awareness Intelligence

Spiritual consumerism and mystification of spiritualism

Chapter 9 – Spiritual consumerism and mystification of spiritualism

mathias sager Awareness Intelligence

There are innumerous great books about personal development, inspiration, and spirituality. There is plenty of literature, examples, and enlightening role models. Much of this shared wisdom is relatively widely accessible, read, and discussed by a variety of interested people. However, readers often even struggle to extract from teachings what they already actively understand. And yet it is possible to also awaken the hidden knowledge that is dormant in us and complement it with new insights.

  • How to be spoken to when new wisdom is speaking to us?

Awareness includes meta-consciousness. In other words, it can ‘think about consciousness.’ Awareness, with the support of consciousness and mental presence that allows the generation of thought, both of which are sufficiently available at all times in us, is what creates the link between our hidden faculties and knowing. While consciousness offers the full scope and optimal quality of awareness to our mind, the thinking mind still needs to support consciousness too to make it explicit, specific, and applicable as awareness. Imagine developed awareness as a target. Without the mind having erected such a target based on the nature of the conscious soul, any arrow of information would come to nothing.

Without awareness, information cannot be caught and integrated as knowledge.

mathias sager (Awareness Intelligence)

Awareness can be understood as an internal structural characterization of a person. Not in the sense of an ego-filled vessel, but as an attracting and yet non-abiding catcher; a catcher of knowledge. Imagine a spiderweb. The more expansive the web, the more can be caught. Our mind then, spider-like, digests the captured good and keeps the net free and ready to be receptive for new input. The structure of one’s cognitive arrangement determines what can be received. Awareness Intelligence, if you will, is what the spiderweb of awareness is meant to catch.

If awareness spans the breadth and depth of all that consciousness is, if it embraces all that life is, and all that human life can be, then awareness is cardinally intelligent.

mathias sager (Awareness Intelligence)

The discovery of the lawful perspectives that govern our mental cosmos is a grand adventure. With Awareness Intelligence you can get to unimagined corners of your conception, always being given a mental reference system for orientation, effective learning, and you can recreate the life you come from and that you desire to become again. By learning to think awareness-intelligently, you acquire the ability for easing the strain of thinking while elevating it to all new levels.

We cannot stop the thinking process, but it’s possible to generate the thoughts we want, and which are good for us.

mathias sager (Awareness Intelligence)

Don’t waste any thought-capacity. Instead, work towards the cultivation of useful thoughts and harvest the full power of the mind.

Trying to shut down one’s thoughts comes with the risk of becoming passive. Also, undifferentiated awareness leads to ego-inflation. To tame one’s ego through broadening awareness and related non-linear thinking that is appreciative of diversity and inclusiveness doesn’t have to mean that we forget about the individual units of which humanity is composed of, including our own individuality. However, to realize full agency, one needs to position intelligently in the socio-temporal grid of life. Instead of diminishing oneself, the focus should be on increasing the awareness and systems thinking about the energetic interplay between everything and everyone there is, including and especially all thought, which is the all-mighty force of human creation.

It’s time to demystify spiritualism. To become a deep-grounding, alert, and compassionate human being, you don’t need to have a history of specific events or pre-conditions. You don’t have to be an extraordinary psychic either. You just need to use your mental capacities to increase the receptivity of the canvas on which consciousness, experiences, and thoughts are projected.

There is no privilege of awakening and there is no such thing as accidental enlightenment. You are already all it takes to learn to understand and practice the full Awareness Intelligence of human relations and time within you.

Being spiritual means to be fully human by accessing the soul that is in all of us. As you think about that, you are already entering spirituality.

mathias sager (Awareness Intelligence)

Trying to change awareness through a blurring of perceptions, whether caused by self-absorption or intoxication, are inhibiting rather than luminous experiences of spiritual growth. Sober awareness that is enabled by intuition and thinking is what allows us to enter our world within.

To enjoy your truly enlightened spirit, stay clear, be aware, and think awareness-intelligently!

mathias sager (Awareness Intelligence)

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