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Mental coordinate system

Chapter 12 – Mental coordinate system

A new kind of mental map is required to explore and navigate effectively mental territory. Before the map-making process can start though, orientation must be enabled. As for physical maps, coordinate systems typically serve that purpose. These are grids formed from a vertical and a horizontal reference line respectively the north-south and the east-west axis. It’s possible to use the same technique to build a mental map.

The mental map of awareness uses human relations (the social dimensions) on the vertical reference line, and time (the temporal dimensions) on the horizontal axis. These are the inherently relevant aspects of human awareness.

mathias sager (Awareness Intelligence)

Plotted as a mental reference system, they will help to establish the socio-temporal structure that is required to focus what is relevant for the human soul. Once the mental coordinate system is established, the landscape of the psyche can be more easily navigated. With socio-temporal awareness as your mental navigation system, you won’t get lost anymore. You will feel traveling safe, and you’ll be able to connect to your most liked joyful spots again.

mathias-sager-socio-temporal_awareness intelligence_matrix

Mental map that shows the directions of socio-temporal expansion to increase awareness intelligence (explained in next chapters in more detail)

The indefinite power of the human soul and mind can be unlocked as human beings evolve from doing ‘sightseeing’ to ‘thoughtthinking.’ This will intensify the understanding and appreciation of the mental world and propel the development of Awareness Intelligence. No field of science or any advanced forms of artificial intelligence have been able to solve the disconnect between the people that causes all the issues of inner and outer conflict.

It’s the power of awareness that has the potential to link separateness together and to unify.

mathias sager (Awareness Intelligence)

It’s time to become more aware of our absence of awareness, the only way to solve the remaining problems of humanity, which are all due to shallow lives lost in thoughtless wandering.

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