mathias sager Awareness Intelligence

Technology and the distributed intelligence of the mind

Chapter 16 – Technology and the distributed intelligence of the mind

mathias sager Awareness Intelligence

There are lucrative business cases behind the emerging possibilities in new technology such as smart devices, the internet of everything, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality.

The intentions of the humans who are creating and utilizing technology are determining how technological progress will look like. What is clear is that technology follows the mindset of developers and users.

How virtuously technology will serve humanity depends on how people grow in their awareness.

Never will technology lead or replace Awareness Intelligence that is the direct expression of the life force itself. The appreciative study of the human mind, therefore, should be the absolute priority of all undertakings.

Due to the disappearance of unions in Europe and other markets, the unity of workplaces in the knowledge-based economy crumbles and gives place to lose short-term contracting. Also, employees today increasingly fear their replacement by machines and are worried about losing control against further automation. Having realized that the understanding of human connections, life- and humantimes are the most relevant human factors, it should be clear that in a humanistic society machines cannot be serious competitors. If machines replace humans, it is because humans do the work of machines, not because the machines came to do human work. Rather than reducing people to carrying boxes, the love and creativity-deprived modern societies should use people’s soul-inspired intuition and imagination to give them, by being wholly human,

What humans really need: to be as different from machines as much as they want to be.

Technology as a vehicle can increase a journey’s efficiency dramatically. The masses got used to focus the vehicle instead of the destination. The fun factor is understandable, but where does it lead? The deployment of technologies advanced to dictate how we communicate, work, buy, sell, and entertain. User policies and technological process designs became the remote control, while we think we are still in control. Through freemiums, addictive interaction design, and market monopolies whole industries came to depend on systems that today dictate many of the processes in our everyday businesses and lives. It’s important to realize that technology often is misused to take the remote control for the device of our personal earthly existence. Digital platforms decide how they pool their user stock and what they feed them. It’s difficult for the user to see the big picture transparently. And the politics in the virtual world are the politics of the physical world. The virtual realm too introduces division, incompatibilities, and builds walls. It’s not technology itself though. It is our and everybody’s level and the constellation of awareness that determines the results of its use.

There is no digital divide if there is no human divide. Only human minds share universally distributed intelligence. We cannot count on technology alone to reconnect and save us.

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