mathias sager Awareness Intelligence

The choice to be part of something bigger

Chapter 17 – The choice to be part of something bigger

mathias sager Awareness Intelligence

‘Humility’ stems from the Latin word ‘humilitas,’ which is derived from ‘humus’ meaning earth, and which may be translated as ‘humbleness,’ or ‘groundedness.’ What’s your type of humbleness? Do you look at the earth from close, so you can work on and with the flat acre of soil, be it for cultivating it for agricultural purposes, or to mine clay for building bricks? That may be fine, but without, at the same time, seeing the same earth as a round planet from sufficient distance to feel how it is a part of a dynamic universe, and without recognizing its life-giving energy that is so beautifully expressed by its sprouting flowers and trees, one would have limited awareness and dismiss the connectedness to the greatness of which we are all a part.

Bricks produced without awareness may be just used to build walls to divide what belongs together.            

Humility is considered a virtue. To have a real understanding means to be humble; humble not in the sense of being ignorant of the whole, but by cherishing the full wonder of life. Humility is the source and result of honesty and modesty that come from freeness of greed as the expression of reverence for universal life. Such a virtue can’t but being built on the awareness of the connectedness to the meaning of life. To be wholly open to the full scope of what is possible to mentalize, to respond with reflection to our perception-capability of humantime, one must have the right quality of mind.

If our awareness can scope in all humanity and an eternal notion of time in a way that our identity-based ego does not feel threatened but rather liberated from limiting rules, prejudices and unhealthy habits, Awareness Intelligence readily and willingly will develop.

Humility is about willingness and readiness. The more open and sharing the attitude and cooperation with others, the bigger and more exciting are the possibilities to learn.

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  • Beautiful! Thank You, so much for your open heart and mind. Water is a great example of humility. The waters serve everyone equally, uniting, and connecting without distinctions…