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The structure and dimensions of life: The socio-temporal matrix (three tenets of Awareness Intelligence)

Chapter 18/19 – The structure and dimensions of life: The socio-temporal matrix (three tenets of Awareness Intelligence)

Chapter 18 – The structure and dimensions of life

Often breakthrough findings are the simplest ones. If something can’t be explained easily, it is not well understood. If spirituality is advertised as requiring miraculous super-powers hold by few, it might be spiritual elitism that is not for all of us. An awareness-intelligent understanding of spirituality may be considered prosaic considering its modest level of mysticism involved, and yet it is whole and infinite, full of all the beauty and joy that life has to offer. Spirituality is simple and pure humaneness, it is the ultimate mental playground of human realization.

We are all spiritual beings; we just need to be aware of and practicing it.

To organize our thinking about life, mind, and soul is not creating a false god. Neither has a logical arrangement have to deteriorate into a dogmatic belief system. Indeed, what wisdom means for one person may have a completely different meaning and quality for somebody else. What feels right at one time becomes obsolete later on. It’s of limited usefulness to name a spiritual authority or to lay down religious rules and rituals if not for institutional interests.

However, there is a universal structure of life that we should all be aware of.

Chapter 19 – The socio-temporal matrix: The three tenets of Awareness Intelligence

It is important to visualize the matrix of Awareness Intelligence to internalize it as a mental skeleton that will help you keep a healthy psycho-spiritual posture.

You can use the socio-temporal diagram as a template, but I recommend to imaginarily draw it in your mind again and again by yourself as it suits you. As a diagram, the vertical axis shows the increasing social scope of human relations. Starting from the intersection with the horizontal axis, which represents time, the first third of the vertical line shall be labeled ‘intra,’ which means ‘intrapersonal.’ The next, middle part of the vertical axis becomes ‘inter,’ which stands for the ‘inter-personal’ scope. The third and uppermost vertical section is the ‘extra,‘ which signifies ‘extra-personal.’ Now the horizontal axis. It partitions itself, in the order from left to right, into the ‘past,’ ‘present,’ and ‘future.’ Similar to a coordinate system, through these two both tripartite grid lines, a matrix can be formed. When using the vertical and horizontal axis’ labels in the same manner as the numerical coordinates of a map, or the letters and numbers of a chessboard, it is possible to identify the three times three – in total nine – fields of the matrix.

To describe Awareness Intelligence, the following three fields of the matrix are of primary interest:

  • It is first the reference of the ‘intra-past’ as it results from the projected intra-personal relating and past-timing.
  • The second matrix field we are going to focus on in more detail is the ‘inter-present,’
  • and the third one is the ‘extra-future.’

These are the three critical fields in the socio-temporal grid, each of which corresponds to a sub-category of Awareness Intelligence. The three tenets of Awareness Intelligence, therefore, are the ‘intra-past,’ the ‘inter-present,’ and the ‘extra-future.’

This coordinate system of human relations and modes of time is all we need for the validation of human awareness. Our quality of mind is determined by how we are positioning our thoughts regarding social relations and time. Intelligent awareness emerges when the three Awareness Intelligence categories harmoniously play together.

When we mentalize in a way that simultaneously includes our own past, our common present, and all humanity’s future, the whole scope of human experience unfolds.

Although the socio-temporal matrix comprises of nine fields, the focus is kept on the three healthily intelligent fields that support a sober watching mind and enable the benefits of individual, organizational, and universally shared well-being. The six less discussed parts of the grid implicitly reveal themselves as being related to problematic states of the mind like past-oriented judging of others, present feelings of obligations due to transactional relationships, and future-directed worries as concerned by one’s ego. In other words, focusing the intra-past, inter-present, and extra-future coordinate map fields does help to position inter-personal relationships unconditioned by time, and detach oneself from relationships and objects as not related to the present moment.

Having established the matrix of Awareness Intelligence with its three modes, we can now systematically navigate the intelligently observing mind in more detail and depth without getting lost. As much as we try, for example in romantic relationships, we can’t fully connect with other creatures on a physical level.

We want to unify so much that we sometimes try to become one body; in vain. It is only on a mental level that it is possible to transcend the separating physical forms and plug together into the life that is the soul,

respectively the animating spirit of everything and everyone. Only the collective of this life force of the human species persists into the future, long after my and your body will have died.

The awareness of this timeless extra-personal relationship with all humanity is what I call the ‘extra-future.’ As part of and as the culmination of Awareness Intelligence, it bears the biggest truth of spirituality.

Let’s start to exemplify Awareness Intelligence in the first necessary insight into the ‘intra-past.’ Purifying one’s self-perception leads the way to overcome self-inadequacy as achieved through the insight of the ‘inter-present,’ for the self then can courageously and lovingly complete into the continuous entirety of the ‘extra-future.’

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