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Full awareness and pure thoughts for coherent meaning

As the gap between a global world and a global mindset is increasing, it becomes obvious that the incoherence between organizational and individual psychology can’t much longer be afforded. It’s not only unnecessary individual stress and suffering, but the planet might reach its limits soon too. Therefore, it’s time for Homo conscientia, the aware human to evolve.

Individuals make organizations. So, it’s the individual who needs to be strengthened.

The best way to empower individuals who will be willing and able to serve the full scope of humanity is to enable their agency.

Agency comes from being one’s true self in a world in which there is sufficient belief in the possibility of including everyone in the membership of the human species that manages to share the abundance provided by the planet fairly. The need for domination over others always comes from feelings of powerlessness. Nobody needs to feel impotent though as everybody has the potential to become a fully realized human being. It is crucial to help people finding a coherent meaning to their socio-temporal perception and apprehending humantime as the true reality of human life; then, achieving more awareness-intelligent types and levels of cooperation will be possible too.

If one does not access humantime through the intra-past, the inter-present, and the extra-future, life is mixed up in ways that are harming oneself, others, and everybody. Why is that so? For example, one agonizes in the present moment if thinking and complaining about what somebody else did to them in the past. It is the state of dwelling in the short-sighted inter-past instead of the all sourcing intra-past, which makes people suffer. Another source of suffering arises when people project mistrust towards others into the relatively narrow intra- or inter-future of a mundane life. Such a hostile outlook causes life to seem a curse.

Only the extra-future embraces all humanity and time consequently and, therefore, the sense of a human kinship that can be but all-including love.

Stephen Covey is right when saying that “trust is the glue of life.” Trust connects our future to all humanity, to all human beings, even if we don’t know them, be it because they live somewhere else or because they are not yet born.

When desires are strong, and the will is weak, finding back to living in humantime is preventing a shut-down of the intellect and makes the mind disciplined.

This is the virtuous, robust path of Awareness Intelligence, which connects most careful reasoning with most profound consciousness.

By actively integrating these two ends of awareness, no un-reflected believes will compromise anybody’s potential, and no conditioned automatisms hamper perception, knowing and its intelligent use.

So far:

Chapter 1 – Life’s introduction of Awareness Intelligence

Chapter 2 – The awarenessland of Awaria

Chapter 3 – Your life that is humantime

Chapter 4 – Consciousness, awareness, and social intelligence

Chapter 5 – Broadening the social scope

Chapter 6 – Increasing the attention span

Chapter 7 – Distraction of the mass

Chapter 8 – Missing systematics and links in science

Chapter 9 – Spiritual consumerism and mystification of spiritualism

Chapter 10 – Expanding the here and now

Chapter 11 – Individual revolution, human evolution

Chapter 12 – Mental coordinate system

Chapter 13 – Ignorance is not bliss

Chapter 14 – Awareness Intelligence is learnable

Chapter 15 – The difference between Awareness Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence

Chapter 16 – Technology and the distributed intelligence of the mind

Chapter 17 – The choice to be part of something bigger

Chapter 18/19 – The structure and dimensions of life: The socio-temporal matrix (three tenets of Awareness Intelligence)

Chapter 20 – The Intra-past

Chapter 21 – The Inter-present

Chapter 22 – The Extra-future

Coming next:

Chapter 24 – The three sparring partners

— In love for my daughter Natalie and all children of this world. —