awareness intelligence mathias sager

The three awareness sparring partners

awareness intelligence mathias sager

Chapter 24 – The three sparring partners

To successfully develop Awareness Intelligence, you need a sparring partner. That’s the socio-temporal matrix respectively the three tenets of Awareness Intelligence. As with any good sparring partner, you will get hit; you will find yourself facing situations and behaviors that came from a low quality of mind. But these are the insights you need to go in to grow.

Only with brutal honesty, the sparring with the matrix is most useful and fun as you, through voluntary vulnerability, get life-changing lessons out of it.

All three Awareness Intelligence sparring partner tactics help you to develop yourself. Together they support you in working out a holy, whole, and wholesome awareness that makes you invincible. You can learn to conquer your most fundamental fears. The three Awareness Intelligence modes and the related concerns will always remain, but as you have faced and worked with them, you know that they, as your three sparring partners, are not your opponents. Practicing with them is not fighting, it is honing your awareness abilities to become your best possible self.

One of human’s biggest fears is to be not worthy. That’s why confirmation is sought from others, which then leads to dependency on other’s opinion. Fear from not getting the desired approval is the sparring partner’s attempt to let us relinquish our own needs. However,

The value of our self can be found in the intra-past’s source of all life, where no distinction nor judgment exists. In the inter-present, through an unconditional view on others, the parallelism of everybody’s soul can be recognized. And, in the extra-future, the dissolution of different forms returns to the all-loving source of life.

Another sparring partners’ tests is that of confronting us with our fear of loss. Only through a dis-identification with the five senses and through learning to see with the spiritual inner eye, which can be opened through Awareness Intelligence, is it possible to not become energetically drained by existential angst.

What the inner eye sees is not our worldly possessions, but our membership of humankind and that the only possibility to save ourselves is to return the gift of a self-chosen future, one of aware freedom and peace.

Choose to practice and partner with the socio-temporal matrix as often as possible. You will always be challenged again and in new ways, but unfettered Awareness Intelligence will always bring you, albeit not without effort, safely to the next round of life.

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