mathias sager Awareness Intelligence

The joy of being, doing, and becoming

Chapter 25 – The joy of being, doing, and becoming

Awareness Intelligence includes our being, doing, and becoming. Your genuine intra-personal virtues determine without fail your inter-personal behavior, whose outcomes are impacting even your most far-reaching extra-personal connections. We don’t know what we do when we don’t know who we are. If we know what’s in us, we can’t be surprised by how we act out.

As you are, so you do, you can only do what you are. If you know better, you’ll do better. So, to personally grow and contribute to human growth you have to begin to recognize and expand who you are. Although on a level of life intelligence we are all the same, this does not mean that we cannot and should not be unique, individual expressions of unlimited possibilities. While there are as many potential interpretations of life as there are living beings, the common ground on which it grows is always the choice of Awareness Intelligence.

Freely being who you really are, gives you the courage to do what honestly corresponds with your authentic self.

For you and everybody can become one highest self in which meaning and fulfillment in life is found.

Don’t believe judgments of the like that are categorizing people into ‘dreamers’ and ‘doers.’ Dreaming and doing belong together. If you don’t have your dreams to follow, who else’s dream is directing your doing? Establish integrity between your being and doing and you will be able to actualize your true self. For example, do not ‘not do’ drugs; ‘be no’ drugs. It’s too hard to suspend something you believe you are. If you wish to stop smoking until the end of your life, that can be an overwhelmingly long time to wait, and you will feel miserable while you have to do so.

You are nothing of what you had learned to do if it’s not an expression of your source of life from before you became habituated or addicted to it. You are, first of all, a human being, not a human doing.

  • Start from there, take the chance to be your intra-past.
  • And what else is more purposeful than giving your very self, pure and un-poisoned self to others? So, choose to do your best inter-present.
  • And finally, become the self-realized human being that is aware of its all-mighty source and related duty to help all humankind to gain the same joy of Awareness Intelligence; change to become a better extra-future of more freedom from cravings and attachments and consequently of less suffering.

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