mathias sager Awareness Intelligence

Learning to die during a lifetime

Chapter 26 – Learning to die during a lifetime

mathias sager Awareness Intelligence

If you had to live only a couple of days:

  • Would you leave your fogged-up glasses blurring your view, or would you wipe them for clear-sightedness to enjoy the view right away?
  • Would you continue to look through angry, vengeful lenses at others and suffer from bad mood?
  • Would you look out for more things to put into your storehouse and be concerned about the stuff’s security?
  • Would you continue to spend time learning things you don’t like enough to call them your hobby to be pursued even after your retirement?

All these choices would be as awareness sub-intelligent at the end of your life as they are now. We are all the same distance from death. The future is always endlessly close to the present. And so is the past. In that sense, if you can learn to close the gap between your intra-past, inter-present, and extra-future, eternal life is yours.

The good thing to know is that whether alive or dead, you’ve been there before, and you are there forever.

Learning to die during a lifetime and disembody reality is undoing the enslavement of a malaware mind.

Death is not an event; it is a continuous process towards the end of our physical existence. Therefore, personal growth in one’s lifetime, at its core, is to learn to die. Awareness Intelligence is the ability to instantaneously think through such virtual deaths from the intra-past, through the inter-present, and to the extra-future at any time and in any situation to effectuate such personal growth.

Death is simply the extension of life; just with a bit more significant bodily change than in previous growth phases of the soul.

Through all three tenets of Awareness Intelligence, the continuity of deathless life on the far side of its physical existence can be experienced.

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— In love for my daughter Natalie and all children of this world. —

  • Yeah, man, heavy stuff. It’s a matter of living truly, in the present moment. So few people I speak with understand the concept due to having so many layers of thought wrapped around their true being. We’re bombarded by thoughts and emotions and learn to be like virtually everyone else because we think it’s normal, we think we are our minds. I’d love to see more people learn stillness.

    I’m back on WordPress after close to four months of being shut out of my blog. I’m not sure exactly why it happened, but it wasn’t a matter of my old iPad not working because I was shut out on public computers in libraries as well. It started the day after I disobeyed my corporate rulers by showing support for the elected president of Venezuela, Nicholas Maduro. The trump Crime Syndicate is attempting to install a Wall St. puppet who only has the support of (mostly) white people with reliable access to resources in his place. The corporate media in the U.S. has been very successful at convincing a large majority of the population to demonize Maduro as a dictator – despite the fact that journalists from all over the world have gone to Venezuela and spoken with many people who support him, and who do not want a foreign nation to interfere in their political situation. It’s darkly amusing that a nation who has been obsessed with blaming a foreign nation on interfering in their political system is interfering in another nation’s political system.

    Hopefully, sanity and decency will be brought back into the picture and U.S. citizens will put their attention where it needs to be – bringing back some semblance of democracy to a country bleeding from hate, greed, intolerance and indecency due to bringing to power a tyrannical narcissist.

    I look forward to more of your posts. Hopefully I continue to have access to my blog. Peace.

    • Hey! Welcome back to the blogging world, good to have you back. I see your points, and I know that, indeed, what you call disobedience, is perceived as a threat by many. So, it’s important not to frighten them unnecessarily while still working for a juster, more loving world. To stay positive amidst all the distortion and cruelty in this world, I’m trying to think of the overall system as perfect (from a divine perspective). All the problems and suffering provide me/us the opportunity to become the best in our roles in showing different solutions and help to reduce unnecessary suffering.
      Please stay safe and well!
      All the best!