Physical spacelessness and spatial mentalness

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Chapter 27 – Physical spacelessness and spatial mentalness

For the human mind to situationally generate meaningful thought, spacious intelligence needs reference points for orientation. Space without a reference becomes spaceless and would mean nothing to think about. We enjoy the vastness of the ocean and the sky, but it is the defining line of the horizon that makes sense of them. In the same way, we can enjoy the vastness of the source of life that meets in the form of relation and time in the matrix of socio-temporal intelligence. Like the sky and the sea meet at the horizon, consciousness and thought meet in awareness.

If we cannot develop Awareness Intelligence that enables better orientation in mental spaciousness, it would be a debilitating condition of mental lostness, a mental disorder with wide and severe consequences for all.

Why do we mistakenly seek orientation for our mental space in the physical world? We wouldn’t look to impress our mind through material consumption, would we? Given the money, consumption does not involve much of noble mental capabilities. Expecting respect, joy, and fulfillment from something that is not of our aliveness, that does not make use of our talents and gifts, is like wearing red underwear to alleviate sadness, or cross fingers for stimulating creative thinking. As much as we try over and over again, one cannot solve a mental problem with a physical solution.

Globalization has compressed our sense of physical space and practical time. The earth and parts of the universe have become smaller in the sense of being easier to grasp as a whole. Therefore, our horizon is broadened. If we continued to open up that space towards infinity without losing sight of the horizon, we could get a glimpse of increasing spacelessness and timelessness. We need to make use of this ability to fathom physical spacelessness and mental timelessness as the true acumen of life.

The collective human delusion assumes ‘spacetime’ instead of ‘humantime’ as the fabric of the human psychic universe. Why should space be the component to be studied and mastered as human beings? We are no rocks, and even they don’t care about their location. I always arrive again at the conclusion that the dimensions relevant to humanity are those of how we relate to our species respectively life and how we refer to time. Therefore,

Our awareness should comprise the combination of social and temporal dimensions rather than the combination of space and time.

Of course, the achievements of physicalism in modern science are fantastic, they brought us, among other things, inventions of the sort of the Internet of things and so forth. However, I think it is time for the internet of human souls, an endeavor that needs a different type of intelligence. Rather than following the tradition of physics and studying the deconstruction and mechanics of the material world, I suggest deciphering the logic of humantime and its effects on psychological well-being, creative performance, and the peace of the collective mind.

Humanity would be well advised to invest in empowering humanness to address known social problems instead of using nationalized budgets for space forces and other armed defenses to fight the unknown material.

Today’s scientifically trained minds tend to start with examining the parts of a superordinate construct to explain the world and, therefore, get lost in physical details of the atomic level. This leads to further drifting away from grasping the whole. It is pretentious to claim to be able to trace and rebuild forms of life. And even if there are astounding achievements in reconstructing living organisms in biology and medicine, these never happen without the help of the animating life force itself. So, we are always at best a passenger where life itself is the driver. We don’t understand this driver of life; we only can experience it and feed back to it in the form of consciousness. In that sense, if we are saying we are the consciousness of all life too, we are a kind of co-pilot, co-consciousness, indeed. But not more as we cannot take over as the main and only pilot. Our task is confined to be, sustain, and support consciousness and let it fuel naturally an as wide range of forms of life across any time that we can aware.

“A healthy body, a healthy mind,” as the saying goes. What about people with fragile bodies, physically handicapped as, for example, Stephen Hawking, the famous wheelchair-bound physicist who died in 2018? Regardless of physical handicaps, one can nevertheless be a brilliant and beautiful mind. Albert Einstein was diagnosed with a learning disability, and Leonardo DaVinci had dyslexia, causing him to hand-write in reverse. Mental space is directionless. Mental space is an immeasurable yet lawfully formed grid that is spanning our single soul and the open sphere of all human consciousness, unbound by any notion of time.

Mental space cannot be navigated physically. We need thinking to access and travel it. Awareness Intelligence is needed to navigate the mental space of human relations and time that is humantime.

To become more agile in navigating the structure of human life, we have to train our mind and practice thinking our way through the matrix of socio-temporal Awareness Intelligence.

If you love life, look for it where it is most vibrant, where there are the fastest frequencies of energy, and where there is no blockage and slowed-down energy in the form of matter such as bodies and objects. It’s the warmth you feel in your heart, the brightness that comes from the awareness that love is space- and timeless.

  • Do you grow with your soul, or do you vanish with your body?
  • Do you choose evanescence or immortal life?

In any case, you will return to be your soul without a body anyway.

Your earth-dream illusion is, however, much easier to live with, when you define your journey being what it is, primarily a spiritual one.

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