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Energy and the illusionary objectification of life

Chapter 29 – Energy and the illusionary objectification of life

As energy works in waves, life operates in circles and cycles, in softness and roundness too. The earth rotates around the sun, we sleep and wake in rhythmic sequels, like the circle of birth and death. What a contrast we create between the spherical, freely flowing world of life energy and the squared and edged compositions of the frightened human mind seeking physical protection.

Instead of predominantly angular, cubic, boxed, parceled, square, and sharp constructions, round forms around us would remind us more accurately about the real, non-threatening nature of life.

Indeed, all form is coming from round and soft wombs and nests, and eventually everything is returning to the smooth nature of roundness. What is in form and still has edges, gets rounded up and polished by life’s allies, such as wind and water, until the shape is smoothened and eventually dissolved at all. And so does the human body’s contours that become softer as it ages. Women are often extraordinarily displaying so-called soft skills, and female leadership styles tend to emphasize humanitarian principles more than masculine styles stereotypically do. Therefore, the life giving, creative, and protective female nature might play an important role in operationalizing the development of Awareness Intelligence.

Little do we ask ourselves about our most vital relationship, the one with cosmic lifetime. It would be a good idea, as some people do, to write down one’s years left to increase mortality awareness. For example, if life expectancy was eighty years, and one is forty-four years now, it would remind of having only thirty-six years left. To be aware of life’s curvilinear rather than linear course, years would best be contemplated as seasonal compounds, which spiral into eternity as energy waves from both its carried corps and consciousness.

The universe is energy. Light is fast energy. Slow energy becomes heavy and dark. Today’s physicists have evidenced that space is not empty at all. According to Richard Feynman, an American theoretical physicist of the last century, “there is enough energy in a single cubic meter of space to boil all the oceans in the world.” As soon as objectification through slowed down energy vibrations occur, the illusions of time and solidity appear to us. The solid and hard that we appreciate as being most valuable is actually of lowest frequency energy.

High, warm vibration that did not manifest into cold objects, as we perceive them, is energy that is much more of a dynamic, powerful, and healing quality. Why do we surround us with the hard and cold of gold and diamonds instead of letting more sunshine warm our skin?

With our constrained five senses we perceive only relatively slow energy and time consciously. We see our existence as a major event, although it might be not more than an insignificant yet specific vibration of universal energy, as it pertains to our body. If the objectified form of where our soul houses in here on earth is just a short flicker in the context of eternal life, why should we take it so seriously? Consciousness as a constant energetic part of all universal energy will vibrate in and as endlessly different frequencies. Our current manifestation as a human body is just one among unlimited possibilities. For the universe, there are no different forms; form is a dualistic interpretation of the human mind that depends on the threshold of receptiveness of the five senses. Even from that rational perspective, however, the human form may not be the most exciting embodiment that our conscious energy will ever slowdown into.

Sometimes I ponder life as being a swim across a pond; a swim in a crowd of other swimmers that, at times, involves enduring colder streams of water, scary muddy parts, and which comes with physical strains. Then I see that it is just a swim and that my family, colleagues, and others of the current, former, and future swimming classes are observing and encouraging from the water’s edge. As I come closer to the other side of the pond, I see that it will have been a relatively short test. Depending on the diagonal chosen, the swim to the other shore is not the same length for everybody. All the souls of life around the pond, however, help that all involved eventually arrive at the other side. Nobody stays swimming; nobody stays in the water forever. Life takes care of all the swimmers to return safely to the land of real life, regardless of how they did during their swim. However, during the paddle, I realize that I serve as a role model for how to give my best. I’ve understood that I will benefit, thanks to the swimming experience, from various learnings even after I’ll have arrived, for me and for all others who go and will go through that crawl as well. The main benefit lies in learning and inspiring to enjoy every single second awareness-intelligently.

A key insight from the swim across the pond is that both sides of it are the same land of life. The ground from where I birthed into the water, is the same as I return to when I leave the water again. The possibility of returning implies a cyclical notion of life and time, regardless of whether I get another turn for a swim or not. Life is not a project because the end is the same as the start. There are no project-like goals to achieve other than just being your best self and learning as life would never end.

Part of Awareness Intelligence is the ability to mentally stretch to both sides of this imaginary pond of our earthly swim. For our eternal soul that is a breeze, but for our human lifetime awareness and related thinking, it is a gymnastic split we need to practice for.

All-inclusive and endless knowing requires to mentally stretch enough into the time before our physical birth, as well as into the time after our death to bend the timeline into a circle of perpetual and unified life.

We have to sense our soul-relatedness to the immaterial consciousness to detach ourselves from the illusion of time that is only bound to objects such as our bodies. Despite the need to handle practical time for physical experiences, one needs to connect to the timeless sphere of universal intelligence. It is our human capacity to be aware of this co-existence of practical and universal, cosmic time; the awareness of the parallel truth of life, life’s immortal intelligence that breathes the energy vibrations of consciousness even into our objectified temporal bodily manifestation.

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