mathias sager awareness intelligence

Body, mind, soul

Chapter 30 – Body, mind, soul

mathias sager awareness intelligence

While people emphasize the need for body-guards in different forms, I think there is a need for spirit-guards even more. Indeed, while bombarded by commercial advertisement to drive consumption, the valuation of the nourishment of the spirit may lack far behind the promotion of physiological and biochemical ways to well-being.

Holistic approaches that encourage the integration of

  • physical,
  • mental,
  • emotional, and
  • spiritual

aspects of the human condition are necessary to do justice to the diverse needs of a whole and wholesome human being.

Awareness Intelligence is addressing the need for inclusion of the body, mind, and soul in all aspects of life if we want to live it wholesomely.

  • Through mind-stretching into the intra-past, access to the spiritual source is made aware.
  • The inter-present may well involve many physical aspects in sensing the material world and the relationship with others to experience the present moment as our current incarnation, regardless of thoughts into the past or future.
  • The third Awareness Intelligence mode, the extra-future, as well as the integration of the tripartite whole of Awareness Intelligence, involves our mind-based intellectual faculties such as logical thinking and imagination to deploy the creative power of the spirit of our soul.

We have more control over the so-called spiritual realm than we think;

We just need to be aware of it and let it be free to benefit us through its revelation of life’s deeper meaning, colorful adventures, and satisfying deeper-impact possibilities from being of service.

The terms ‘practical’ and ‘universal/cosmic’ have been used to contrast the physical and mental worlds. Both are systematically intertwined though. Practical and universal perspectives are not contradictory. Universal thinking becomes practical with the revelation that

It is a common misconception that material and spiritual life are irreconcilable.

Of course, we could cultivate only one part of our garden and let other parts alone. We may forget about the wild and neglected corner and wonder where all the fragrances, insects, roots, and pollen are coming from. Passive sides of the garden are strongly affecting our active gardening and may cause us more troubles and work than if we had actively cultivated all corners of our backyard in the first place.

It is not in the sense of Awareness Intelligence to live either a secular or spiritual life. Such a distinction would be equally dualistic. It is possible to lead a most natural life that combines the bodily five-sensory existence with the awareness-intelligent liberation of the soul beyond the confinement of the body. That’s why Awareness Intelligence is like a triptych in art. Triptych art is made up of three panels that are intended to be displayed together. It is to be hoped that dualistic extremism evolves into harmonious lifestyles.

  • We need monks who are socially engaging.
  • We need physically fit intellectuals and intellectual sportspersons.
  • We need leaders who serve on the ground of honest servant leadership style.
  • And, we need real, fair competition. If people are allowed to pursue their unique talents, everybody becomes beyond measure and therefore not subject to shallow competition through unrelated or unfair means; extraneous power will not have to serve as compensation for perceived unworthiness, uninterestingness, and unattractiveness anymore.

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— In love for my daughter Natalie and all children of this world. —

    • Thank you for your nice feedback, Lloyd. It’s good to get such impressions, although sometimes difficult to imply the “why”. Al the best!

  • I’m liking this series very much. I saved up a lot of articles to read all in one go which I just did. I liked the creation post and the way you relate physics to your topics.