I love FOR you

I love FOR you.

To love is to be, do, and become that,
which is in the service of everyone.

Because …

… everyone is loved.
If my bravery can make you rise again,
Then I show you the ‘who’ you thought you couldn’t be.

… everyone does need love.
If my strength can heal your hurting wounds,
Then I make you believe the ‘what’ you believed you couldn’t do.

… everyone becomes love.
If my independence can lead your forgotten way,
Then I become the ‘where’ you feared you couldn’t come.

I love for you, everyone.

  • Thank you for being so full of love that you could write this (and I see from your “about”) live by this. Thank you for dedicating your life on so many planes to helping humanity. God/Spirit/Creator/bless you.

  • Lovely poem. A message the world could surely use right now. Each of us is indeed a student learning and growing on this journey of life. Interesting blog too and thanks for the follow.

  • Just imagine the uplifting worldwide energy if humanity put the concept of your poem into practice! Thanks for sharing great energy and for the follow.