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2021-02-01 Art Anthology III book in Madrid

Art Anthology III book in Madrid

Mathias Sager

(Switzerland, 1975)

Mathias is passionate about expressing new ideas and aims to inspire with interdisciplinary, innovative, and cross-cultural approaches to personal and professional development for individual well-being and the common good alike. For him, psychology and art go hand in hand, so his paintings often appear alongside written pieces of psycho-philosophical research and wisdom. As the inventor of the psychological concept of “Awareness Intelligence,” which is the ability to systematically expand and use one’s thinking in the full scope of time and social relationships in a triadic constellation (rather than dualistic thinking), he regularly takes on the number or factor 3 in his works. His art aims to remain raw, simple, and naively colorful, yet intelligently connecting the dots in accordance with the holistic thinking behind it.

In his words:

“Art helps me to clarify and imagine a brave and meaningful world of social critique and renewal, to find the true self, unconditional love, and connection with all humanity. In a world of appearances, art is the reflection of the soul of the true self. The outer world can be photographed; the inner world must be painted. Human contours often appear in my most abstract expressions, sometimes even emerging unexpectedly. This is not surprising, however, as psychology and my art often address social problems and always revolve around the development of human potential.”

Mathias Sager